Best Smartwatches For LG Phones | LGV40, Stylo 6, 68X, G8S Thin Q, Wing 5G

Best Smartwatches For LG Phones  LGV40, Stylo 6, 68X, G8S Thin Q, Wing 5G

Newer models can accurately monitor our daily exercise routines, analyzing where we have run, how far we swam, or how quickly we climbed a rockface. That’s all great, but how are you supposed to know if it’s the best product you can buy for your phone.

There’s nothing worse than spending your hard-earned cash on an expensive product before then finding out it isn’t that great or even compatible with your device.

On top of that, it can be quite hard to work out the specific details that make the watch better than other models out there.

Luckily for you, that’s where come in. We have put together a comprehensive list of the best smartwatches currently on the market that are the best and most compatible with your LG phone. This article details what each watch offers and what it can do for you.

At the end of the article, you will also find a useful buyers guide, listing some important things you need to think about when looking for the best smartwatch.

Lets’ not waste any more time! Let’s dive in!

Compatible Mobile Phones

It is important to not only find a watch that suits your needs but one that is also compatible with your phone. It is uncommon to find a smartwatch that isn’t compatible with most phones, the Apple Watch being an exception to this.

Most phones operate with Android or iOS which is the software most smartwatches are compatible with.

All LG phones run using the Android operating software, meaning almost every smartwatch will be compatible with your device. In this article, we are going to focus on the best smartwatches that are also highly compatible with six of the most popular LG models.

These models are LGV40, Stylo 6, 68X ThinQ, and Wing 5G. If you have one of these models of LG phone you can rest assured that your phone is 100% compatible with every smartwatch on the list.


The Samsung Galaxy Active 2 is a beautifully designed watch that can be used for a wide array of activities.

Firstly, it can tell you the time which is always important for any watch.

This watch connects to your phone via Bluetooth, so that it can provide you with accurate data and alerts in relation to your health and wellbeing.

The Active 2 watch has capabilities to track and monitor your running, swimming, cycling, and rowing to name a few.

All of the activities are accessible at your wrist, allowing you to quickly start any exercise. 

During every exercise you perform this smartwatch will monitor your heart rate, how many calories you have burned, and how long it takes you to recover when the exercise is over.

Available in a range of colors this watch is perfect for anybody looking to track and monitor their health with ease.


  • Size - 40mm and 44mm
  • Operating System - Tizen-based wearable platform 4.0
  • Display - 1.4in AMOLED circular screen
  • Sensors - Altimeter, heart rate monitor, Gyro, GPS, ECG
  • Weight - 2.4Oz
  • Water-resistance - 164 feet
  • Color - Black, gold, silver, and pink
  • Storage - 768MV + 4GB


  • Light and compact - The watch is nice and light making it comfortable to wear.
  • Good design  - The watch looks fantastic.
  • High-end technology - The Active 2 comes with some pretty serious technology.
  • Great battery life - Can last up to 6 days before needing to be charged.


  • Expensive - This watch is quite expensive when compared to other smartwatches.
  • Limited features - The Active 2 doesn’t have as many features as other watches on the market.


Garmin is one of the biggest manufacturers of smartwatches in the world. It’s not hard to see why either when you take a look at the Garmin Venu.

The Garmin Venu is an absolute masterpiece. Not only does it perform incredibly well, but it also looks amazing.

The Venu can be worn anywhere, for any occasion even after a hot and sweaty session in the gym.

The digital clock face comes with thousands of customizations allowing you to make the watch suit your personality. 

In terms of what the watch can do it is hard to find a place to start.

This watch tracks a wide range of activities thanks to pre-loaded routines and the accurate GPS and Bluetooth.

Some of the activities that can be tracked using the Venu include running, swimming, cycling, climbing, rowing, and even skiing. There are over 20 activities to choose from.

To top it off the Garmin Venu also acts as your very own personal trainer. Built-in to the watch’s software are some workout options available.

Once selected these sessions will display in the form of animations on the watch’s screen. All you need to do is then follow along.

Sessions loaded onto the watch include yoga and strength training routines.


  • Size - 30mm.
  • Weight - 7.2Oz.
  • Battery life - 5 days.
  • Colors - 4 available (Rose gold, Silver and Gold, Blue and Black).
  • Sensors - Heart rate, GPS, Gyro, Altimeter, and ECG.
  • Water-resistance - 50m
  • Storage 4GB


  • High-quality tracking - This watch tracks and collects data accurately and efficiently.
  • Pre-loaded workouts - It’s like having your own personal trainer on your wrist.
  • Stylish - The Venu can easily be worn out and about.
  • Music storage - There is enough space on the Venu to store 500 songs.


  • Expensive - The Venu is expensive. Having said that it is arguably worth every penny. 


If you are not too fussy in regards to how much data your smartwatch collects and just want a simple, cheap watch that still looks excellent and does the job well, then the Fitolo smartwatch might be a good option to go for. 

The Fitolo Fitness Tracker is a fantastic watch with a battery lasting 5 days between charges.

The watch tracks your heart, sleeping, and breathing patterns all day, every day.

Thanks to the well-designed touch screen display you can read through text messages and alerts your phone has received.

Unfortunately, however, there is no way of replying.

Bearing in mind the Fitolo is the cheapest watch on this list by quite a way, the watch has been designed brilliantly well.

It looks excellent and can be worn on any day out or at a party. 

This watch definitely isn’t as impressive as other models of smartwatches and is not suited to individuals who take their fitness seriously.

It is however perfect for anybody wanting to invest in a great basic smartwatch that will keep them up to date with their social life and monitor some basic metrics.


  • Display - 1.3in the touch screen display.
  • Sensors - Heart rate, sleep, and breathing monitors.
  • Battery life - up to 7 days.
  • Weight - 6.7Oz.
  • Color - Several.
  • Water-resistance - Up to 10m
  • Connectivity - Bluetooth.


  • Affordable - This watch is very cheap.
  • Looks good - The design looks smart and modern.
  • Battery life - This smartwatch will last a whole week without needing charging again (see also 'How To Charge A Smartwatch Without A Charger').


  • Limited tracking - You can only track 3 metrics.
  • No GPS - To use the watch it must be connected to your phone.


Fossil 44mm Gen 5 Carlyle Stainless and Silicone Touchscreen Smart Watch with Heart Rate, Color: Black (Model: FTW4025)

If your looking for a fashionable watch that will look good on a night out as well as track a range of fitness metrics then the Fossil 5 could be the watch for you.

This slim, sharp-looking watch is designed to be used wherever and whenever. 

The interchangeable straps and easily changed clock face make this watch suit whatever look you are going for.

This watch doesn’t just look good though, in fact, it is one of the best performing smartwatches available.

The Gen 5 uses Google’s Wear OS to accurately track heart rate and various activities such as your daily run or swim. 

The long-lasting battery life allows the watch to monitor you 24/7 even monitoring your sleep patterns if you wear it at night.

For keener athletes out there this might not be the watch for you because it doesn’t track as much data as other smartwatches do.

However, if you simply want an attractive watch that monitors your general health and fitness then the Fossil Gen 5 is a great option.


  • Processor - Snapdragon Wear 3100 which provides excellent battery life.
  • Size - 44mm.
  • Strap - Silone 22mm strap designed for comfort.
  • Various colors and styles.
  • Connectivity - GPS.
  • Built-in speaker - accessible via Bluetooth.
  • Operating System - Wear OS by Google.
  • Weight - 3.5Oz.
  • Water-resistance - 30m.
  • Storage - 8GB.


  • Accepts other applications - This gives you the opportunity to play music and pay in the supermarket with your watch.
  • Storage - 8GB of storage is a lot for a smartwatch. 
  • Battery saving mode - Saving power by disabling the heart rate and GPS tracking makes your watch last longer between charges.


  • Not many activities tracked - Other watches track more activities than this one, making it more suited to individuals who take their fitness as seriously.


The Amazfit GTS 2 Mini is a powerful watch that tracks a number of key health metrics.

This watch not only tracks your heart rate and sleep but also measures your oxygen and stress levels (see also 'How Does A Fitbit Track Sleep?'). 

This affordable smartwatch has a SpO2 (Oxygen) tracker in it that is usually found in the top range smartwatches.

The comfortable-to-wear sports watch comes with 70 different sports functions to meet your every need.

With this watch, you will always be able to monitor your performance. 

The Amazfit also looks great. The stylish design looks clean and modern and thanks to its lightweight straps and small display feels super comfy to wear.

It is fair to say that the Amazfit is a very well-rounded smartwatch offering the user a very complete performance in every aspect. 

Apart from some additional features there really isn’t much more you could expect from a smartwatch of its price range.

This smartwatch should definitely be high on your list of smartwatches for your LG phone. 


  • Changeable clock face - Change the clock face to suit your mood.
  • Display - 1.55in AMOLED screen.
  • Operating System - Amazfit OS.
  • Connectivity - Bluetooth.
  • Straps - Silicone.
  • Weight - 1.2Oz.
  • Battery life - 14 days.
  • Water-resistance - 50m.


  • Affordable - Great value for money.
  • Variety of functions - Has a wide range of settings tracking capabilities.
  • Trendy - The watch looks and feels awesome.


  • No GPS - This watch also only uses Bluetooth.


The Garmin Forerunner 235 is the best LG compatible smartwatch for runners.

This Garmin watch is one of the only watches designed specifically for runners that isn’t chunky or heavy on the wrist.

Garmin wasn’t content with just putting GPS in this watch, so much so they included GLONASS too. GLONASS is a Russian satellite alternative to GPS.

Having the two types of GPS in one watch only makes it more accurate. 

As well as accurately tracking your running data the Forerunner can monitor other key metrics that are important to runners.

These include VO2 Max, calories burned, periods of sleep, steps, heart rate, and oxygen intake. If that wasn’t enough this smartwatch also comes with plenty of other features.

The Forerunner also allows you to listen to music, receive text messages, alarm alerts, and access the Garmin Connect IQ app where you can look at all your data and find out how you can improve your running performance. 

The only downside to this Garmin smartwatch (see also 'The 11 Best And Latest Garmin Watch Faces') is that it isn’t the best-looking watch.

It would be fair to assume that Garmin designed this watch with performance in mind and appearance second.

This isn’t a watch you would wear when you are going out to brunch. 


  • Operating System - Garmin OS.
  • Display - 1.2in.
  • Sensors - GPS, GLONASS, Accelerometer, Garmin Elevate, Heart rate monitor
  • Battery life - 9 days.
  • Colors - 2.
  • Strap - Silicone.
  • Waterproof - 50m.
  • Weight - 1.5Oz.


  • Perfect for runners - This watch has plenty of features ideal for keen runners.
  • 2 types of GPS - Having 2 types of GPS makes it even more accurate.
  • VO2 Max monitoring - Not all watches come with VO2 Max capabilities.


  • Not the prettiest - Other smartwatches on the market look nicer.


The Huawei Watch GT blends aspects of a traditional watch into the modern-day smartwatch. At first glance, this watch looks like any other typical watch.

This could make this smartwatch a good choice for those of you that want a more typical everyday watch with some of the smartwatch perks.

The ultra-thin watch has an impressive screen resolution which adds to its appearance.

The operating system in the watch has GPS functionality allowing the watch to track your heart rate and steps taken.

This in turn lets you see how far you have run/walked or cycled and take a look at what impacts it has had on your body.

Even though it doesn’t look like a smartwatch this model of Huawei watch has a variety of other functions you would expect from any watch.

From this smartwatch, you have features that range from call receiving, text messaging, primary system apps such as weather and a calendar, and also the opportunity to receive alarm alerts. 


  • Size - 1.39in.
  • Lightweight feel and thin strap.
  • Operating System - Huawei.
  • Connectivity - GPS and Bluetooth.
  • Strap - Leather.
  • Waterproof - 50m


  • Looks stylish - This model of smartwatch looks modern, clean, and will stand out from the crowd. 
  • Best of both worlds - With the Huawei Watch GT you get a watch that looks like a traditional watch but can perform some amazing things.
  • Professional appearance - This watch is suited better to a professional business working environment than other smartwatches that would stand out like a sore thumb.


  • Not the best sporty looking watch - Despite this watch being a smartwatch it doesn’t look very sporty. It still looks excellent but if you want a more sporty-looking smartwatch then you might want to look at another option.


Another Garmin watch (see also '19 Of The Best Apps For Your Garmin Watch') perfect for your LG phone is the Fenix Sapphire. This watch is best known for its durability and robustness.

The highly scratch-resistant screen is tough to break. This makes this smartwatch perfect for more adventurous customers.

In all honesty, it probably isn’t the best for the runners amongst you.

This watch is ideal for people that love more intense activities where you are more likely to have a bump or a fall.

Some examples of these activities would be hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, or white water kayaking.

The chunkier, sturdy design of the Fenix prevents it from being damaged if you are to knock it, drop, or fall on it. 

Built-in to the Fenix is Garmin’s OS operating system that acts reliably and accurately to track and collect your data whilst you are on the go.

However, it does have limited applications. 

If you are an outdoors person who takes part in more adventurous activities then you will love the ultimate multisport GPS and Topu U.S. that the watch comes with.

This software allows you to check out plotted maps for cycling and hiking so you can look at exactly where you are on a live feed.

There are many more features that come with Topu U.S. but we will be here all day. You will enjoy figuring them all out, it may take you a while though.


  • Operating System - Garmin Proprietary OS.
  • Battery - 10+ days.
  • Water-resistance - 100m.
  • Weight - 3Oz.
  • Colors - more than 10 available.
  • Connectivity - Bluetooth.
  • Preloaded maps are already built-in.
  • Sensors - GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, Garmin Elevate, Accelerometer, Heart rate monitor, Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, Gyroscope, and Thermometer.


  • Perfect outdoors watch - The durability and robustness of the watch make it perfect for adventurous, outdoor activities.
  • Packed with tech - This watch is full of the latest technology.
  • Preloaded maps - Having preloaded maps built-in to the watch makes it easy to plan your route.


  • Chunky - This watch is a lot bigger than others, but it needs to be to stay durable and robust.


TicWatch Pro 4G LTE Cellular Smartwatch GPS NFC Wear OS by Google Android Health and Fitness Tracker with Calls Notifications Music Swim Sleep Tracking Heart Rate Monitor US Version

TicWatch Pro 4G is one of the latest smartwatches on the market that offers you the chance to track up to 13 different types of exercise.

This includes your typical activities such as running, cycling and swimming.

This watch packs a bunch thanks to its Google OS powered by Snapdragon Wear 4100.

The well-rounded watch performs any task you give it well and can also track your oxygen levels alongside your heart rate. 

In terms of its looks, this watch is great.

The modern design makes it not only the perfect fitness companion but also a great watch to wear throughout the day and on special occasions. 

Additional features included within the TicWatch Pro 4G make this even more appealing.

You have the option to listen to Spotify, answer and reply to text messages and phone calls, receive mobile notifications, access Google Maps, and even respond to messages through social media. 

If your looking for a well-rounded watch this might be the one for you.


  • Operating System - OS.
  • Storage - 8Gb.
  • Sensors - GPS, Oxygen, Heart rate, and GLONASS
  • Display - 1.4in retina AMOLED screen.
  • Battery - 3 days.
  • Water-resistance - 100m.
  • Color - Black.
  • Connectivity - Bluetooth.


  • Lots of features - This smartwatch comes with plenty of features and perks.
  • Variety of activities - Having 13 activities gives the user more choice.
  • Storage - This watch has enough storage space for all your needs.


  • Battery life - The watch will need charging every 3 days. 


SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 3 (45mm, GPS, Bluetooth) Smart Watch with Advanced Health Monitoring, Fitness Tracking, and Long lasting Battery - Mystic Black (US Version)

We couldn’t end this list without discussing another Samsung watch, they are after all one of the major competitors in the smartwatch business. 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch (see also 'What’s The Difference Between The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Stainless Steel And Titanium?') 3 is a beautiful watch made for everyday use and tracking 7 popular activities.

When you’re not getting a sweat on during your morning run, you are using your watch to pay for brunch.

Having a watch that can be worn anywhere at any time is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what this watch offers.

As well as being able to track your heart rate and other useful data this watch has a very clever emergency contact feature.

The watch is intelligent enough to realize when you have fallen over.

If you do unfortunately fall and hurt yourself the watch will ring your emergency contact telling them where you are and what has happened.

We think this feature is magnificent and one that should be applauded. 

You can also be assured that the durable interface won’t scratch if you do fall.

Talking about the interface this watch has an incredible 50,000 options available to customize your watch.

With the watch also being able to send you notifications, texts and emails it is hard to see any negatives.


  • Operating system - Samsung OS.
  • Connectivity - Bluetooth.
  • Display - 45mm.
  • Water-resistance - 50m.
  • Colors - 4 available.
  • Sensors - GPS, Heart rate, sleep monitors, Altimeter, and Gyroscope.


  • Multifunctional - Can be used as a sports or going out watch.
  • Emergency call feature - This safety feature is wonderful and will help keep you safe.
  • Variety of activities - You can monitor and track all of your main fitness activities.


  • Colors - It would be nicer to have more selection of colors available to buy, 4 doesn’t seem enough for such a popular watch. 

Buyers Guide

If you are still struggling to find the perfect watch, that suits your needs then this buyer’s guide can help. In this buyer’s guide are some of the key things you need to think about when looking for a smartwatch. 

Take these on board and think about them carefully. They will help you make the right decision and help you avoid any easy mistakes. 

Battery Life

If you are looking to buy a watch that you are planning to use every day then you need to consider the battery life of each model you look at.

It is difficult to say exactly how long a smartwatch’s battery should last for between charges because it can depend on how much you use the GPS. 

For argument’s sake, if you weren’t going to use the GPS, a smartwatch should last for around 5-7 days. Anything after that is excellent and less than that would need to be considered again.

With the GPS running all day a good watch will last the whole day without needing to be charged.

One other thing to think about is how companies market their products. Don’t get drawn in by the promise of everlasting battery life, it is just a marketing gimmick to get you to buy the watch. 


The weight of the watch face and the style of band you choose can have a great impact on how comfortable a smartwatch is to wear.

Most watches are designed with this in mind, so you probably won’t encounter any problems. There are some things you can do though to make sure you get a watch that is comfortable to wear. 

Ensuring the strap of the smartwatch is made from silicone is normally a good indication as to whether the watch will be comfortable or not.

Silicone straps are designed to be soft and comfortable on your skin so that you can wear the watch all day without any itching or rubbing occurring. Watches with these straps are a good option in regards to comfortability. 

It is worth noting that chunkier watches tend to be quite heavy on the wrist. This might be fine for you but if you want a more comfortable watch you might want to steer clear of the heavier outdoors watches.

Activities Tracked

Each smartwatch on the market tracks something different. Depending on the price you pay, the brand of watch, or the style of watch, you can track a variety of activities. The activities you wish to track will ultimately decide which smartwatch you should buy. 

There would be no point in you buying a smartwatch that tracks mountain biking and hiking if you want to track how far you have swum.

The same applies the other way round. With this in mind think about what sort of things you need. If you want to track your running then maybe you should start looking for a watch that is specifically geared up to suit a runner’s requirements.

After you have identified what sort of things you need the watch to track you can start having a good think about what additional features you would like in the watch.

Additional Features

The more features there are in a smartwatch, the more they usually cost to buy. You will have to bear this in mind when purchasing a watch because it doesn’t make sense to buy a premium watch when you don’t want to use half the features it comes with. 

Additional features in a smartwatch can come in the form of the ability to send/receive texts, answer phone calls, play music, access emails, use maps, and also socialize through your social media accounts.

If you like the sound of these features then you need to find a watch that has them built-in. If the watch you buy doesn’t then you are going to end up very disappointed. 

Alternatively, if you really couldn’t care less about the additional features, don’t waste your time and money looking at a watch that has them. There are plenty of top-quality watches that simply track your health and fitness. 

Choice Of Sensors

This depends on what sort of GPS watch you personally want, but we recommend you look at buying a watch that has some form of GPS built-in to its hardware.

Watches that don’t contain GPS tracking software only work via Bluetooth. This can be a real pain because it means every time you want to track an activity you have to carry your phone with you.

This is annoying when running and cycling but makes exercises such as swimming impossible. Unless you carry a waterproof bag as you swim, you can’t possibly take your phone with you.

Having GPS built-in to the watch ensures you are always connected during every workout whether you have your phone or not. This ensures constant accurate data is always collected.

Smartwatch Brand

Although the brand of smartwatch you look to buy doesn’t dramatically impact the quality of the watch it is something you should think about. Different brands all have a different ethos, use different software systems, and tend to vary in styles. 

In terms of smartwatches, the big hitters are Garmin, Samsung, and Fitbit as well as a few others. Maybe there is one of these brands you like more than another. If there is it could be worth you taking a look at their smartwatches first because you know you already like them.

It is also worth considering that bigger brands usually have their own apps where you can store and monitor your data.

Big brands like Garmin and Fitbit (see also our favorite Fitbit apps) also have their own communities where you can meet other people who share your hobby. Sharing your fitness journey with others can inspire and motivate you to do more.


There are more than enough top-quality watches available on the market that not only offer you everything you need but are also highly compatible with your LG phone.

It can be hard to work out which smartwatch is the best for you but it all comes down to what exactly you are looking for in a watch.

If you simply want a nice-looking watch with a handful of smartwatch perks then you can start looking for a cheaper watch.

On the other hand, if you are interested in a more premium watch that can track almost anything then you will definitely need to have a strong think about what exactly it is you want. A watch with more features will cost you more. 

We have done the hard part for you by researching which watches are the best for your LG phone. When it comes to picking the watch to buy, that comes down to you.

All of the smartwatches in this list are fantastic, but they all offer something unique. It is that unique feature that will make the watch the perfect one for you. 

Now with this list at your fingertips go through it and narrow down the options until you find the watch that suits you. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Smartwatches Worth The Money?

Smartwatches are definitely worth the money. They can give you a great insight into how healthy you are as an individual, and tell you how your exercise performance is doing.

This helps you make positive changes to your lifestyle to improve your healthiness and fitness. They act as your own personal trainer.

On top of that smartwatches now help us stay up to date with things on the go. From our wrist we receive/send text messages and calls, check our emails, listen to music and keep up with the latest news and weather. Who wouldn’t want something so incredible? 

Are Smartwatches Bad For You? 

Smartwatches are not bad for you. In fact, they can have a very positive impact on your life and in some cases even prevent serious medical problems.

By being able to access so much information about your health with just a swipe of a finger you can make sure you are sticking to a healthy lifestyle that will not only improve your physical health but your mental health too. 

Smartwatches can now even keep us safe in the event of an accident. Certain models of the smartwatch are able to identify when you have fallen over and injured yourself.

When this happens the smartwatch will contact your emergency contact to inform them of where you are and what has happened.

Another newer feature of the Apple Watch is how it can also detect an irregular heartbeat. This could potentially help somebody identify a problem they are having before it gets serious. 

Can Smartwatches Take Photos?

Smartwatches as of yet don’t offer very good photo-taking functionalities. Some watches from Samsung and Apple do include the ability to control the camera on your smartphone but in all honesty, it just isn’t that great.

It is much easier to just pick your phone up and take the photo yourself, or even set your phone to a timer to take a photo in 10 seconds’ time.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if one-day smartwatches can take better photos though. The smartwatches on the market today are already doing most things our smartphones can, so why is it ridiculous to assume that they will soon take photos.

Where the market will go nobody knows, but you can guarantee it will be exciting. 

Are Smartwatches Just For Men?

No, absolutely not, there are smartwatches out there for everyone. There might be a design or style that is better suited for men but the same applies to styles and designs that suit women more too.

In most instances when a brand releases a new style of smartwatch, they will release a wide range of styles and models to cater to everybody’s needs. The changes they make to fit everybody’s needs might be a difference in color, a smaller watch, or simply a different name. 

No matter who you are you will always find a style or model of smartwatch that suits you. 

Can Smartwatches Detect An Irregular Heartbeat? 

Incredibly there are a number of different smartwatch brands that claim they can detect an irregular heart rhythm via an accurate ECG. Almost all models of the smartwatch can track our heart rate but it is very impressive for a watch to be able to track an irregular beat. 

At the time of writing this article, it is only Apple that claims they can do so. They are also the only watch brand in the world that is FDA-approved for detecting atrial fibrillation. In the future it is highly likely other smartwatch brands will follow suit.  

Garrett Jones