Best Aviation Headset To Buy For Student Pilots? (7 Top Picks By Budget)

Many people dream of becoming pilots, especially in their youth. You can fly high and see the world from new heights, but it’s expensive. Not only the lessons, but also head headphones, which play a crucial role in training.

Aviation headsets are more than just headsets. They make you feel like a real pilot, and most people can’t afford them.

Best Aviation Headset To Buy For Student Pilots (7 Top Picks By Budget)

You can feel left out and miserable if you’re the only one in your class without their aviation headset.

You can’t use regular headphones, either. The only aviation headsets you’ve seen cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. It all looks hopeless, like you will never accomplish your dream of flying.

It isn’t hopeless. Yes, some aviation headsets cost an arm and a leg, but not all of them. There are some incredible headsets out there that you can get for just a fraction of the price of others. You don’t have to give up on your dreams because of the price of your perfect headset.

Even on a budget, there are so many options available when looking for aviation headsets. Instead of embarking on a never-ending search online and in all the major retailers, we’ve compiled a list of the best deals available. All the hard work is done for you.

Now all you have to do is look through the list and pick the aviation headset you like the most. It’s that easy.


RA200 Aviation Pilot Headset for Student Pilots Flight Schools Flight Instructors Features Clear Hear Speakers Noise Canceling Microphone Foam Ear Seals Custom Fit Headband and Free Headset Bag

Rugged. Air RA200 aviation headphones are among the most budget-friendly aviation headsets available.

This headset comes with a stainless-steel headband that can be adjusted to fit all head shapes.

Noise is reflected from these headphones, making audio clearer and more precise.

Not only that, but this headset comes with a 5’ cord with Twin Plugs, which allows users to be connected to two headphones using one audio jack.


  • Adjustable headband - the headband on this headset can be altered so that they can fit larger and smaller heads while still being comfortable
  • Ballistic-nylon bag included - buyers receive a headphone carrier with the purchase, allowing you to carry the headphones around without them getting scratched
  • Universal 3.5 mm music port - a 3.5 mm port means that you can connect to almost any device with these headphones
  • Wind blocking mic muff - the muff blocks out wind interference, allowing you to have crystal-clear audio when speaking through the mic
  • Comfortable ear-seals - you can wear these headphones comfortably for hours as the seals will not hurt your head


  • Limited color options - there is only a black color options available for this headset


KORE Aviation P1 General Aviation Headset for Pilots | Mono, 24 db Passive Noise Reduction Rating, Noise Canceling Microphone, Acoustic Foam Ear Cups, AUX Port for MP3 Music Input with GA Dual Plugs

The Kore Aviation PI Series headset offers great noise reduction, which protects ears from unwanted sounds and loud noises.

There is a wire boom mic that stays in place and foam ear cups which ensure comfort to wearers.

Its 3.5 mm port is compatible with almost all devices, including MP3s, Apple and Android devices.

Furthermore, this device has a dedicated 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee, so they can be replaced if any issues occur in the first 12 months.


  • Sleek and attractive design - the design of this headset is sleek and attractive as had gold-plated plugs
  • Compatible with other electronic devices - this headset can be used with over devices that use a 3.5 mm music port, including MP3s, tablets and smartphones
  • On-ear volume control - users can change the volume they hear on the headphones by turning the dial
  • Boom mic stays in place - the boom mic will stay in place due to the technology used to keep it steady for user ease
  • Noise reduction - unwanted noise is reduced drastically for users, making audio clearer and more enjoyable


  • Limited color options available - there is only a black color options available for this headset


The WICOM Aviation Headset is made of carbon-fiber, making it strong and durable.

The headphones have noise-cancelation functions as well as an amplifier on the microphone to pick up voices.

It has noise reduction, a flexible mic on a boom and a comfortable design. Ribbed foam lines the head pad, and a windsock made of dense foam aids in reducing wind noise. 


  • Great noise reduction - audio is clearer through the noise reduction technologies available in this headset
  • Noise-cancelation technology - audio is clearer as background noises will not interfere
  • Flexible boom mic - the boom mic can be moved so that it can be placed in the perfect position for use
  • Made of carbon-fiber - carbon fiber makes this device durable and long-lasting 


  • Smaller fit - this headset may be small for people with larger heads
  • Limited color options available - only black color options are available for this headset


R SPIDER WIRELESS Aviation Headset for Pilots, Aviation Headset with Comfort Ear Seals, 24db Noise Cancelling, MP3 Support and Carrying Case

The R Spider Wireless Aviation Headset has premium noise reduction technology as well as noise-cancelation functions.

This means that audio received will be clear and interrupted by outside forces such as wind.

The flexible boom mic can be adjusted to suit any user while also keeping its position.

You will receive a carrying bad to keep the headphones safe and can use the Aux input for other devices such as smartphones, MP3s and tablets, making a great option for both aviation and every day life. 


  • Compatible with other electronic devices - this headset can be used with devices such as smartphones, tablets and MP3 players
  • Noise-cancelation technology - noise-cancelation technology ensures that audio will be crystal-clear even if the environment is noisy
  • Flexible mic boom - a flexible mic boom ensures that the mic can be moved to the perfect position for the user
  • Carrying case included - buyers can securely carry this headset around without fear of it getting scratched while in the carry case


  • Limited color options available - only black and gray color options are available


UFQ PNR Aviation Headset Free with Bluetooth Adapter Now TOP Sky Studio Great PNR Aviation Headset and Mp3 Input bxxx Grade Hi-Fi Sound for Music Free with Pilot Headset Bag Leather Ear Seals

The UFQ PNR Aviation Headset has a Bluetooth adapter that can be used, as well as noise-canceling technology and passive noise reduction.

Bluetooth allows users to make hands-free calls and listen to music.

Furthermore, dual volume controls on the headset ensure that everyone can enjoy their perfect volume range without the hassle.

The comfortable design is perfect for long-wear as the memory foam shields the ears.

When the flight is over, you can put your headphones into the carry case that comes with it, ensuring its protection while on the move.


  • Bluetooth adapter included - Bluetooth technology makes it easy to use the headset without wires and cords getting in the way
  • Noise-canceling technology - noise-canceling ensures that audio will be clear, and you will not be distracted by outside noises
  • Memory foam ears - memory foam earpieces make wearing this headset comfortable for hours on end
  • Headphone bag included - the headphones can be kept safe while not in use while they remain in their carry bag


  • Heavier than most other headphones - these headphones weigh 2.16 pounds, while most other headphones are less than 1 pounds.
  • Limited color options available - the only color option for these headphones is black


The ASA HS-1 Aviation Headset boasts a great audio with a natural sounding and clear speaker.

Noise reduction technology is used, aided by the high-density foam around the ears to keep unwanted sound out.

On top of that, a noise-canceling microphone sits at the end of a flexible boom.

This enables users to have clear voice transmission and background noise is greatly reduced.

Additionally, a great and long-lasting connection can be expected with the gold-plated headphone and microphone plugs


  • Noise reduction technology - the dense foam ear cups aid in noise reduction 
  • Microphone and plugs are corrosion resistant - the microphone and plugs are gold-plated so that they will not easily be damaged from use over time
  • Flexible boom mic - users are able to adjust the boom mic so that it gets perfectly situated for them personally


  • Limited color options available - the only color available for this headset is black
  • Does not include carrier case - this headset does not come with its own carry case


Rugged Air RA900 General Aviation Pilot Headset with Stereo/Mono Switch, GA Dual Plugs and MP3 Music Input - Includes Gel Ear Seals and Cloth Ear Covers

The Rugged. Air PA900 General Aviation headset offer an incredibly comfortable design, with gel ear seals and a padded headband.

This headset can be used with other devices with 3.5 mm inputs, such as smartphones, MP3s and tablets, making them useful outside the cockpit, too.

Noise reduction technology ensures that audio comes through clear and outside sounds are barely noticeable.


  • Carrier case included - a carrier case comes with this headset, allowing users to carry their purchase safely, without it getting scratched or damaged
  • Comfortable and adjustable headband - the adjustable headband means that people with large or small heads will be able to wear this comfortably
  • Noise-reduction technology - high-level noise reduction can be enjoyed thanks to the headset materials and design
  • Flexible mic boom - the perfect mic position can be achieved using the flexible boom
  • Compatible with other 3.5 mm devices - this headset can be used for other devices such as smartphones, tablets and MP3 players.


  • Limited color options available - only black color options are available for this headset

Buyer’s Guide

Even with a list complied of all the best budget aviator headsets, there are still many things to consider. Here, we will go through some of the most important things to think about when looking for your perfect pair of aviator headsets.

Long Wear Comfort

This is always difficult to test out, especially when online shopping. Trying on the headsets would be ideal, but we know that this isn’t always the case. If you are shopping online for your next aviator headset, consider a few things. 

The headsets that use good quality memory foam on the ear cushions are typically more comfortable than ones that use rubber or other materials. While most headsets do use memory foam to pad the ears, they are less likely to live as long as rubber pieces.

An option for this issue is to buy headsets that have replaceable ear cushions. Doing this means that you can enjoy the comfort of memory foam without having to put up with potentially uncomfortable rubber parts. 

As you are likely to wear your headset for hours at a time, it is crucial for you to be comfortable. Another aspect of comfort is the headband. Some headbands cannot be altered to fit head shapes, while other can.

Additionally, headsets that do not have padding will probably become very uncomfortable after wearing them for a short amount of time. 

Lastly, the weight of the headset matters more than you realize. As a rule of thumb, passive noise reduction (PNR) headsets are heavier due to the noise-reducing foam used inside the ear cups.

Headsets with this function are heaver than their active noise reduction counterparts, which use technology to combat environmental noises rather than matter or bulk. 

Added Features Are Not Important

There are headphones with Bluetooth and nice pairing features, but are they necessary? Other than having volume dials on the headset itself, other features are not important if the headset is being bought for aviation purposes. 

It might be enjoyable to have added features somewhere down the line when the budget isn’t so tight, but in the meantime you should consider whether it is worth spending money on something that might not be necessary.

Need Vs Want

This point ties in with the above. However, it’s worth remembering that in some cases you might need but specific headsets. It is not uncommon for only one type of headset to be used in aviation in a single machine.

This could be because many headsets work best when two of the same brand or make are being used. Alternatively, there may simply be guidelines on which headsets are good to invest in. 

No one wants to buy a fancy headset and realize that they won’t be able to use it for their aviation lessons and flights.

Noise-Cancelation And Reduction

Active and passive noise reduction is a common characteristic in aviation headsets. Passive noise cancelation block sound out via the use of foam in the ear cup cavity, whereas active noise cancelation is electronic. 

There is generally a significant price difference between ANR and PNR, with the latter being far more inexpensive.

If you do not want to spend too much money on a headset, choosing one with PNR would do you well. These types of headsets should sit on your head firmly so that noise cannot get to the ear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Get An Aviation Headset With A Warranty?

Yes. Headsets with warranties are always good to get as it will cover unforeseen damaged. Some headsets have warranties of a few months, while others have lifetime warranties. 

Which Is Better For An Aviation Headset - ANR Or PNR?

Active noise reduction works better but is more expensive. ANR works by a microphone in the ear producing a frequency that is equal to and opposite to the external, unwanted sound. The opposite frequency cancels out the sound so that you do not heat it inside the headset.

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