How To Turn On Smartwatch Without Power Button | Solutions

The Smartwatch is one of the coolest things that you can get for your wardrobe, allowing you to check the time, monitor your socials and count your steps or crunches in the morning.

Having a Smartwatch is a perfect way that you can monitor and organize your day no matter what you are doing.

However, one of the downsides of having one of these watches is the fact that they can break from time to time.

One of the most common problems that you might find is that the power button can sometimes break on the side, removing your ability to be able to switch it off.

How To Turn On Smartwatch Without Power Button Solutions

However, luckily there are some workarounds for this tricky problem. If you take the time to learn how your Smartwatch works, then you’ll be able to work around this issue, which is very important for maintaining the integrity of your Smartwatch.

So how can you turn on your Smartwatch without touching the power button? What might be the reasons for your Smartwatch not working in the first place?

How can reading the instructions help you with your technology? How can you open up your Smartwatch to take a little look inside?

Well, if you need the answers to fix all your Smartwatch issues, then we would suggest that you keep reading.

We have everything that you need to navigate your way through your Smartwatch, so that when you run into issues that you’ll be able to fix them in no time at all. We’ll also give you a handy guide for opening up and fixing your Smartwatch.

Why Is My Smartwatch Not Working?

There are many reasons why your Smartwatch might not be working. The difference between your Smartwatch models is the difference between the different models and how long the battery will last and how it connects with the display mode.

If you leave your phone off the charge for a few days, then you can be sure that the Smart button on your phone will soon start to malfunction too.

This is why some people think that they have broken their Smartwatch irreparably when the power button does not switch on.

Sometimes the Smart button on your watch does not work because over time these things lose their strength and efficiency.

Low-budget Smartwatches will often suffer from these issues, although you can also find that some of the high-priced Smartwatches will also lose their efficiency over time too.

However, you might have accidentally damaged your Smartwatch by pressing the button way too hard. This is another sad truth of the Smartwatch, that it will naturally lose function over time through natural wear and tear.

Without having the proper awareness of how to use your Smartwatch, you can inflict damage on it. So, how can you skirt around these issues and increase the lifespan of your Smartwatch?

Well, that is very simple, all you have to do is make sure you are familiar with the manufacturer’s procedure for getting it turned on again.

How Can You Turn On Your Smartwatch Without The Power Button?

One of the main issues with your Smartwatch is the fact that it will start to lose sensitivity in the buttons over time. This is just a natural part of your Smartwatch’s life cycle.

In fact, another sad fact about the Smartwatch is that it often has quite a short life, often giving out after a few presses.

When the power button eventually gives out, you might be tempted to throw away the watch and get another.

However, if you can manage to switch the thing on without having to even touch the power button, then this can be the reason why you get an extra year or even 18 months out of your Smartwatch.

Here we’re going to list some of the things that you can do to turn on your Smartwatch without even having to touch the power button.

You might even want to do this when you first purchase your Smartwatch, as this will really help to preserve the longevity of your watch over time and avoid you having to interact with it in the first place.

Read The Instructions

Make sure that you are reading the instructions before you embark upon your purchase, as this will lead to some serious issues further down the line.

If you know the inside and out of your watch, then you can be sure that you’ll lower the risk of ever having to open up your watch and have to clean the insides.

If you have looked at the guide from the front to the back, then you can guarantee that you’ll have everything that you need to know about operating your phone.

You’ll need to work through the necessary steps sequentially when a problem arises so that you aren’t skipping any steps and prolonging the problem.

Try The Charger

One thing that a lot of phone owners often overlook when they are looking at their phone is the charger. This device is just as important as the phone or the watch itself and it is very important that you take care of it.

If you leave your phone or Smartwatch without charge for a few days, this will also result in it acting dead.

If you have left your Smartwatch switched off for any length of time, then this might be another reason why the power button is not working.

If you are connecting the Smartwatch to your power supply, then you might want to make sure that it is properly connected.

This is a very reliable way of testing whether the Smartwatch has simply lost battery or not. All you need to make sure is that the watch is firmly in its holster, with the battery sign in the top right corner going up slowly.

You can either charge your Smartwatch with the cable that it came with or a wireless device. Both of which are reliable methods of charging your phone.

You can simply plug in your Smartwatch without having to press the power button on the side. This will certainly help you when it comes to keeping your phone on a decent charging pattern.

However, there will be times where an external solution to your problem is eluding you. You might have tried charging it and syncing it up to your wireless charger, but you might still be experiencing zero response from your phone.

This is the point where you might have to opt for more drastic measures, delving into your Smartwatch itself.

This might seem like too extreme a measure, but this is because you’ll probably not have the first clue when it comes to opening up your Smartwatch.

Obviously, that should be left up to the professional watchmakers, right? Well, if you know what you’re doing and are careful, then there’s no reason why you can’t fix your Smartwatch all by yourself.

How To Open Up Your Smartwatch

1. First, Collect Your Materials

Like with any good recipe, you’ll have to make sure that you have all your ingredients laid out before you start cooking.

Before you start tinkering with the insides of your Smartwatch, we would certainly recommend that you gather all of your things together first.

Here are some of the items that you’ll need to clean your Smartwatch:

  • Water
  • Little jar
  • Cotton
  • Toothpick
  • Cotton bud
  • Smartwatch charger

If you don’t have the cotton or the toothpick, then you won’t have to worry, as the cotton bud really does the job of both of these things.

We would recommend that you choose the cotton bud over the toothpick, as this will be a little more delicate, but not that precise.

You should have your cotton bud in your home already, so this should be an easy material to find. Make sure that you use luxurious cotton buds, as they will really help you get into the nooks and crannies of your intricate Smartwatch.

2. Place The Cotton In Water

Once you have amassed your materials, then take the cotton wool and dip it in water. The best method of doing this is taking the jar, filling it up with water, before taking the cotton bud and swilling it around in the water.

If you do not have any cotton buds, then use the alternative method of sticking your cotton to the base of the toothpick and swilling it around in the water.

This might be more tricky, as you might be having some difficulty affixing the cotton bud to the bottom of the toothpick itself.

3. Clean Your Copper Plate

Clean Your Copper Plate

Once you have soaked this in enough water, you should rub it on the copper plate that the Smartwatch connectors are attached to.

You have to make sure that you rub the cotton firmly enough to remove all of the dirt that is connected to the pins themselves.

You’ll need to be careful that the screen of the watch itself is not damaged when you are cleaning the inside. You’ll need to make sure that you are rubbing the connector hard for around 2 to 3 minutes.

This will be very important that you are diligent rather than forceful with your rubbing.

4. Make The Plate Dry

Once you have rubbed your copper for long enough, you’ll need to dry it. There are various methods of drying your copper plate, but we would recommend that you take the piece of copper that you have rubbed and lay them out on the surface.

Once you have done this, you simply need to wait for them to dry.

However, if you are in a hurry and want your smartwatch fixed as soon as possible, then you can just wipe it down using the old-fashioned method. Take a dry piece of tissue paper and clean the surface of the copper completely.

Make sure that you are drying it gently and you don’t scratch the surface of the copper at all.

Copper is a fairly pliable material and shouldn’t take you too long to dry. However, always be aware that copper scratches very easily, so be careful that you are not rubbing the surface of the copper too vigorously during the rubbing, cleaning or drying process.

5. Use The Charger

Now you’ll need to repeat the cleaning job with the copper plate with the charging pins that connect them with the charger.

This method will be very efficient at making sure that there is no dust or any other debris clogging up your charger, which might be causing the power button to run inefficiently.

All you need to do is rub the connector pins with a dry cotton bud. Once this is done, then repeat the process with a wet cotton bud.

Once the pins have been completely wiped, then we would recommend that you wipe them over once again with a dry bud.

You will always need to rub the pins of these connectors, as they come with a carbon layer also. This means that they are susceptible to buildup, which will impact the overall effect of your Smartwatch.

Make sure that you have enough charge on your phone for a decent charging session.

6. Charge The Watch

Now that you’ve completed the charging process, you should retry charging the phone once again to see if it works.

If you do the whole project with complete seamlessness, then you’ll definitely notice that your phone and your Smartwatch will sync up at exactly the same time.

You might have to wait for a few seconds to see if your Smartwatch is connecting to your phone. If it goes for 10 seconds without switching on, then you might have to repeat the whole process.

7. Repeat The Above Steps

Sometimes it’s just a case of patience and repeating the same process again 2 or 3 times. If you are careful with your cleaning process, then you’ll soon see your device switching on with very minimal fuss.

However, if the Smartwatch still will not switch on after a certain length of time, then there might be a more serious structural issue affecting it.

What Are The Benefits Of A Smartwatch?

There are plenty of reasons why you should have your Smartwatch. These are great little devices that you can use to remotely control your phone or your music player.

You can also use it to track your fitness, which some people will find very helpful. If you want to track your steps, then having a Smartwatch is a good way of going about that.

A Smartwatch is also a great method of utilizing the features of your phone, condensing them into one handy screen.

If you are someone who really hates taking their phone out every time to check the weather or how many steps they’ve been doing, then we would certainly suggest that you sync your phone with a Smartwatch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Of Charging A Smartwatch?

You can usually charge your Smartwatch with a wireless charger that runs through your phone.

However, some Smartwatches actually detach from their wrist strap, giving you the ability to charge your watch with a dock that you can plug straight into the wall.

How Long Does A Smartwatch Need To Charge?

You should only need to plug in your Smartwatch for 2 – 3 hours. This will give you a charge of around 100%. Make sure that your watch is always fully charged before going on a run or leaving the office for the day.

The battery on your Smartwatch will last you for around 1 – 2 days, depending on how much you are using it and how frequently you are checking it.

Our Final Say

The Smartwatch is one of the most useful pieces of technology that you can currently get, although it is not without its problems.

Make sure that you are cleaning the inside of your watch regularly, especially if you are experiencing any difficulty in switching it on using the normal methods.

If you follow our cleaning methods, then you should notice an increase in the functionality of your Smartwatch.

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