How To Charge A Smartwatch Without A Charger – The Pro Tips You Need

Are you looking for a way to charge your smartwatch without a charger? Maybe you have misplaced your charger and want a quick way to charge your smartwatch? No matter the reason that brought you here, I have the answer for you!

How To Charge A Smartwatch Without A Charger - The Pro Tips You Need

For those of you with an Apple watch, Garmin, Fitbit, or Samsung Galaxy watch, there are a few ways that you can charge your watch without a charger.

But what are these methods? And what do you need to charge your watch? If you have never tried charging your watch without a charger, then it can be tricky to know what to do. 

Well, no more! Today, I am here with all the answers that you need. Keep reading to see some pro tips on how to charge a smartwatch without a charger.

No matter what brand of smartwatch you have, there is a way for you to charge your smartwatch without a charger! 

How To Charge Your Smartwatch Without A Charger

Let’s dive straight into it! There are a few ways to charge your smartwatch without a charger, so let’s look at them now. Whether you have an Apple watch, a Samsung, Fitbit, or Garmin, we have a method that is sure to work! 

Use A Powerbank

A power bank is one of the easiest ways to charge your smartwatch. It’s also one of the most affordable ways! Most people have a power bank lying around the house; if you don’t, you can purchase them easily online or in-store. 

Most smartwatches can be charged with a power bank super easily. It’s best to have a power bank that can charge other devices too, allowing you plenty of charge for your phone and watch, no matter where you are! 

Here are my top tips and steps to follow to charge your smartwatch with a power bank. 

  1. Check that your power bank has enough power to transfer the voltage to the smartwatch. 
  2. Next, turn your power bank on by the power button (where this varies depending on your power bank). 
  3. Take the charging cable and connect it to your smartwatch and the power bank.
  4. Leave the smartwatch to charge, checking on the battery level of your watch. 
  5. Once it has charged, you can turn the power off and remove the charging cable. 

How easy was that? It will take a few quick minutes to set up and your watch will be charging like normal! You can also use wireless power banks, which remove the need for any cables!

However, you will need a specific wireless power bank that supports wireless charging for your smartwatch. Thankfully, you can purchase these online, but they might be a little pricey. 

To use a wireless power bank, place the backside of your smartwatch on the backside of your power bank. Both devices need to be aligned with the charging coil for it to work and the watch to charge! 

Use A Wireless Charger

For those with Apple watches, a wireless charger is a perfect way to charge your watch! These small, wireless chargers can be placed in your pocket, allowing you to charge your smartwatch wherever you are! 

To use a wireless charger, you need to fully charge it before using it. Wireless chargers will have up to a 1000mAh battery, allowing you to fully charge your Apple watch twice!

That’s perfect for those emergencies or long days where your watch needs a little extra boost! 

Use my steps below to charge your Apple watch using a wireless charger. 

  1. Press the power button to turn on the charger. 
  2. Next, hold the charger near the back of the Apple watch. The magnets will automatically adjust to ensure they are in the right place for charging. 
  3. Your Apple watch will start to charge, just keep an eye on it as the watch charges to check its status. 

How To Charge A Samsung Watch Without A Charger

If you have a Samsung smartwatch, you have other options when it comes to charging it without a charger too!

For the method I am going to walk you through, you will also need a Samsung Galaxy phone, along with your Samsung smartwatch. 

Most Samsung Galaxy phones come with a ‘wireless powershare’ feature which allows you to charge your smartwatch by using the battery from your phone!

You can access this feature on the S10 series, Note 10 series, Galaxy S20 series, Note 20, and Galaxy Z flip. 

To do this, follow the steps below and charge your Samsung watch without a charger! 

  1. Swipe down the notification bar from the top of your phone to open the quick toggles. 
  2. Swipe down the top bar again to find the wireless power share icon from the quick settings section. 
  3. Click on the wireless power share icon, this will take you to the next screen. 
  4. An on/off button for wireless powershare will now appear, turn it on. This sets the powershare feature to active, allowing you to charge your watch! 
  5. Place your Galaxy watch and phone back to back, this allows the watch to charge. Here, you need the watch to be placed on the top of the charging coil, which might take a few minutes to successfully align. 
  6. A notification on your phone will appear once the watch is in the correct place, and your watch will start to charge! 
  7. Leave your watch to charge. Once it has charged, turn the powershare features off on the settings section of your phone. 

Charging A Garmin And Fitbit Without A Charger

Charging A Garmin And Fitbit Without A Charger

Garmin and Fitbits can also be charged without their chargers. For this, you can purchase a portable magnetic charger.

Not only are they extremely lightweight, but small enough that you can take them anywhere. Now you never need to worry about your Fitbit or Garmin running out of battery. 

The portable charger doesn’t need any charging cables, so there are no more tangled wires in your pocket to contend with!

They also feature built-in protection from overheating, short circuits, over-voltage, and over-current, so you don’t need to worry about any damage to your watch! 

You can find these chargers with a USB Type-A that can be attached to any supporting source. Once you have attached it to a charging source, pop the backside of your Fitbit onto it and it will charge.

You can also use these docks for Garmin watches too, allowing you to charge your smartwatch easily. 

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, four ways that you can charge your smartwatch without a charger! No matter the type of smartwatch that you have, there is a way you can charge it without the need for a charger.

And with so many wireless options, you don’t need to worry about getting tangled in wires while you are on the go. 

Just be sure to charge any portable or wireless charger before connecting it to your smartwatch and you are good to go!

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