How To Charge Fitbit Without Charger

Modern technology is amazing for the most part. It has made our lives a lot easier and improves various aspects of everyday living – but it is not without its flaws.

Indeed, one of the biggest problems with modern technology is the frequent need to charge devices. 

How To Charge Fitbit Without Charger

While some devices have longer battery lives than others, eventually you will need to charge them, and Fitbit is no exception – but what if you don’t have your charger around? 

Luckily, there are various ways you can charge your Fitbit without the need of your normal charger, and this helpful guide will explain exactly how you can do this. 

Read on to discover all the answers you need.

Ways To Charge Your Fitbit 

Let’s start this guide with looking at the various ways you can charge your Fitbit without your charger! 

Borrow A Wall Charger 

While this might seem a little obvious, one of the most simple ways you can charge your Fitbit without having your charger is to borrow someone else’s charger.

If they have all the components, this will make this step easier.

However, if you have your USB cable – the only thing you will need from someone else is a wall charger unit (some people call this the plug).

Of course, you could just as easily purchase a wall charger.

These units are relatively inexpensive and you can often find them in many gas stations, supermarkets and small stores – so you shouldn’t have a problem.

I do however recognize that this isn’t always possible, so I’ll also show some other methods below.

Use Another Device’s USB Port 

One way that modern devices have been beneficial is their ability to charge other devices.

Indeed, laptops and games consoles are great ways to charge your Fitbit by using their USB port. 

Assuming you still have your USB cable, all you need to do is switch on the second device (laptop, Playstation, Xbox, speaker etc.)

From there, you simply need to connect your Fitbit to the cable and plug in the USB cable. 

You must wait to see if your Fitbit is successfully connected though, so wait until you get a response from your Fitbit before you let it sit and charge.

Sometimes, your laptop or computer will want to perform other steps.

There is no need to do anything else, but if you wish to continue on your computer, this is up to you.

Whatever the case, this should not stop the device from charging – as long as the computer remains switched on and the device remains connected via the USB cable. 

Use A Power Bank 

Recently, there has been a rise in portable power bank popularity. These are small, handheld units that allow for your other devices to charge while you are out.

This makes them ideal for when you are at the gym, at work or away on vacation. 

I’ve sometimes left another device charging in a gym locker using a portable power bank while I worked out – and by the time I was done, the device was fully charged. 

It should be noted though that power banks have their own limited battery life and do not charge your devices as quickly as a wall charger will. 

If you do not have a power bank, once again you can find these in many stores usually inexpensively. 

Create A DIY Charger 

I do not recommend this, but it is definitely a way that you can charge your Fitbit when you don’t have your charger.

Essentially, you will need all of the components that your usual charger has, like a battery and charging circuit. 

You will also need to find a reliable guide online to follow the necessary steps to create your charger. Once again though, I must stress that I do not recommend this as it can be dangerous. 

You could potentially cause a fire, injure yourself or at the very least damage your Fitbit device. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

I’ll now take you through some of the most frequently asked questions about Fitbits and their chargers.

Are All Fitbit Chargers The Same?

No, however the majority of Fitbit devices use the same USB to wall charger connection.

It is the connector from the Fitbit to the USB cable that differs depending on the model of Fitbit you are using. 

As a result, if you do not have your USB cable with you, it might not be as simple as borrowing a friend’s cable and wall unit. 

Is It Safe To Charge My Fitbit Without The Charger?

There are various facets to this question. If you are using a friend or family member’s charger or wall unit, assuming that everything is compatible, then everything should be entirely safe. 

However, non-compatible accessories may not be successful or safe while charging. You should also be careful with accessories from brands that you are unfamiliar with.

While most products are tested and regulated, some slip through the cracks. 

It should also be remembered that while Fitbits are said to be water resistant, you need to be sure that your device is dry before you try to charge it.

If you have recently been in the pool or shower, I would suggest that you allow your Fitbit some time before charging it.

Remember to use a microfiber cloth to dry off any obvious water and allow the device to air dry for around an hour. 

Finally, while it is usually safe to charge your Fitbit unsupervised, if you are using a different charger or different charging method – you should probably stay nearby in case of an unexpected event or charging failure. 

Final Thoughts 

Fitbits are excellent devices but they require charging from time to time. Hopefully I’ve given you a better idea for how you can charge yours without your usual charger!

Garrett Jones

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