What If Fitbit Versa 2 Won’t Turn On? Here Are Some Working Tips

These days, the Fitbit Versa 2 is considered to be one of the best fitness watches on the market, making it a popular choice among fitness enthusiasts.

In fact, the watch is so revered that it has become a go-to product for the average person looking for a fitness watch, as it is easy to use and comes with countless features. 

What If Fitbit Versa 2 Won’t Turn On Here Are Some Working Tips

However, this does not mean that the Fitbit Versa 2 does not come with its setbacks, as the watch can be very expensive and can sometimes be limited in its uses.

But the worst thing with any device is when it refuses to turn on, which has become a common problem associated with the product. So if you want to know how you can fix your Fitbit Versa 2, then you have come to the right place. 

In the following article, we are going to teach you how to fix your Fitbit Versa 2 should it not turn on, using a selection of helpful tips. We will also explain the causes behind this error and how it can be rectified without seeking professional help.

So if your Fitbit Versa 2 has gone black, here’s everything you need to switch it back on… 

Why Won’t My Fitbit Versa 2 Turn On? 

While the possibility of your Fitbit not turning on can be frustrating, there is no one reason for why this might happen. In fact, there could be several reasons behind this issue, with some being more common than others.

However, in most cases, your Fitbit not turning on could be the result of a battery problem, such as a lack of power or an issue with the charger. 

This strange behaviour could also be attributed to an issue in the device’s software, which is preventing your Fitbit from switching on.

However, if you discover that these reasons are not the cause of your technical problems, then you will need to seek professional help or contact the customer support department. 

How To Turn On Your Fitbit Versa 2

If your Fitbit Versa 2 suddenly switches off and stops working, then you may be wondering how you can combat the problem. Well, here are some working tips that you can use to turn your device on and get it back on track: 

Tip One: Restart The Device 

Like with most electronic devices, the first thing you should do when confronted with a broken Fitbit is to restart it, as this remains the simplest solution for turning your device back on. 

All you have to do is locate the correct buttons on the back and bottom of the watch and hold them for around 10 seconds. Once the Fitbit logo appears on the screen, your device should turn on without issue or error. 

However, if your screen remains black, then you will need to repeat this process until the logo appears. But if the method continues to yield no results, then you can move on to the next suggestion. 

Tip Two: Charge The Device 

If your Fitbit Versa 2 refuses to turn on, then this could mean it is suffering from a battery-draining issue. Fitbit batteries are commonly made from a lithium polymer, which makes them capable of running for 4 days without charge. 

And while this is not always the case, many people do forget to regularly charge their Fitbits, which can result in the device switching itself off.

However, if a lack of charge is not the cause of your issues, then this could mean that the battery needs to be replaced with a newer model. 

But before you can confirm if your battery is the cause of your problems, you will need to charge your device and determine whether your charger is the root of the issue.

For example, if your charger shows signs of damage, then you may need to buy a new one to properly charge your device. 

For the best results, we recommend testing your charger by using it to power another Fitbit Versa 2, to see if it has any effect on the device. 

Tip Three: Reset The Device 

When nothing works and your Fitbit Versa 2 refuses to turn on, you will need to do a factory reset on the device.

However, this will remove any information already stored on the watch, which means you will need to sync the gadget to your Fitbit account or risk losing any data you have acquired. 

So if you are interested in resetting your Fitbit Versa 2, then you can follow these simple instructions: 

  • Take your Fitbit and hold down all 3 buttons for around 12 seconds, this should start the 2 buttons software reboot. 
    Once the Fitbit logo appears on your screen, release the bottom right button and continue to hold the left and top-right buttons. This will show that the factory reset has started. However, if your device begins to vibrate, you will need to release all the buttons you are holding. 
  • This process should take a few seconds and after that, the Fitbit logo should appear and the device should reboot. 
  • If you accidentally release the bottom right button too soon, then your Fitbit will reboot without the factory reset

Final Thoughts 

While the Fitbit Versa 2 remains a popular fitness watch among customers, it can also suffer from several technical issues. However, if you use the previously discussed methods, then you should be able to determine the cause of the problem and find the professional help that you seek.

Garrett Jones