Does Your Smartwatch Know Your Blood Pressure?

Smartwatches have a multitude of different skills. One of these skills is blood pressure. A smartwatch is a great way to measure blood pressure and it has the power to assist you in monitoring certain health conditions.

It will also count all the vitals on your body and it will alert you if any problems are detected. 

Does Your Smartwatch Know Your Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure monitoring made its way into smartwatches in 2020. They are not yet in all smartwatches, but the health feature is definitely making its way. 

This article will explore whether or not your smartwatch can accurately measure your blood pressure, and what other information your smartwatch can give you.

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How Can Your Smartwatch Measure Blood Pressure? 

It is important to understand that the smart watch is quite effective when it comes to measuring blood pressure. There are lots of different ways in which the smart watch measures your blood pressure, and this often varies from watch to watch. 

On watches that are built as blood pressure monitoring watches, a BP cuff is used to measure the blood pressure.

Unlike this, Samsung uses an optical heart rate sensor in order to measure blood pressure. The sensors that are built into the watch sit near the skin. They are able to closely monitor the blood flow through the body without causing any obstructions.

There are lots of different ways that smart watches measure blood pressure. These include: 

Pulse Wave Analysis 

This method uses an optical sensor in order to estimate blood pressure. Most Samsung watches seem to use this method.

This method is good when it is working correctly, however, these watches will require you to calibrate the watch with a blood pressure device in order to ensure that the readings are accurate. 

Pulse Arrival Time 

Some smartwatches measure the time that it takes for the pulse to travel from the heart to the wrist in order to test the blood pressure of the wearer (see also ‘Can Garmin Smartwatches Measure Blood Pressure?‘). If the wearer is experiencing high blood pressure, then this pulse traveling time will be high. 

Fitbits usually use this method and they measure blood pressure based on a correlation between blood pressure and PAT.

There are many advantages to using the pulse arrival time method. This method does not require the watch to be calibrated frequently, unlike the method above.

Blood Pressure Cuff Method 

The blood pressure cuff method uses a Blood Pressure cuff on the strap. This is similar to the way that you get your blood pressure checked at the doctor. This strap inflates and deflates while the blood pressure is being measured. 

Most smartwatches that use this technology are focussed on blood pressure only, so they don’t have many other features. If you are looking for a smartwatch that only focuses on blood pressure monitoring, then this is for you.

How Accurate Is Blood Pressure Monitoring In Smartwatches?

When it comes to the accuracy of blood pressure measurement, this will vary from watch to watch. However, in general, the smart watch health features are very accurate.

Like most new features, there are some issues with this, but most of the feedback on these products has been very positive. 

Most people use the smart watch on their wrists which may not be the best way to measure blood pressure. This is why, in some cases, smartwatch issuers have advised wearing the smart watch on the upper arm of the body.

This will increase the probability of an accurate result.

What Is The Best Smartwatch For Measuring Blood Pressure?

There are not all that many smartwatches that come with the blood pressure monitor built in. Certain Samsung watches contain this feature and there are also some specific smartwatches that contain blood pressure monitors.

How To Take Blood Pressure With A Smartwatch?

Does Your Smartwatch Know Your Blood Pressure?

If you are attempting to take your blood pressure with a smartwatch for the first time, you should follow the tips below in order to measure your blood pressure. 

  1. Ensure that when you wear your smartwatch, it is not too loose or too tight. 
  2. Sit calmly or in a calm environment so that it accurately reflects your usual blood pressure. 
  3. Check your blood pressure when you are calm and not immediately after a workout.

Can Apple Watches Measure Your Blood Pressure?

Apple watches do not currently have the ability to measure blood pressure. However, these watches do come with many other features relating to health monitoring. These include an ECG, fall detection, and a way of detecting irregular heart rates.

It is rumored that Apple is starting to plan blood pressure monitoring into their products, so don’t be surprised if you see these features in the next Apple Watch.

Can Smart Watches Measure Heart Rate?

There are lots of watches available that are very effective when it comes to measuring heart rate. Smart watches have everything they need to measure heart rate effectively and the results are guaranteed.

However, there are some faults that come with these watches which are usually caused by faulty watches rather than manufacturing issues. 

It is important to purchase a smartwatch that you can trust and that comes from a quality manufacturer. 

Smartwatches read the blood flow through sensors in the smartwatch. These sensors will read the pulse. The accuracy of the heart rate really depends upon the functionality of these sensors and your workouts will also impact the heart rate, too.

Those who move around the most and exercise the most are likely to get the most accurate result when it comes to heart rate. This is because the watch is able to detect any deviation.

Heart Rate Monitor Watches 

There are lots of different watches that are great at measuring the heart rate of users. Apple watches are great at this as every feature will be able to make an accurate reading of the body condition. 

Smartwatches are able to track and analyze certain things within the body all of the time. This data can then be synced to your phone which will help to ensure that you are tracking your health at all times.

What Else Can A Smartwatch Do?

There are many different benefits when it comes to owning a smartwatch. On these watches, you can use lots of different functions. Some of the other benefits of these watches include: 

  1. A longer battery life than mobile phones 
  2. Technology that monitors health 
  3. A sleek interface and great design 
  4. Some have waterproof features

There are so many amazing features of smartwatches, and they will bring a lot to your day to day life. 

Tracking Health And Fitness

As explored above, smartwatches have a lot of features that allow you to track your health and fitness. You can also track your workouts on the watch.


You can send text messages and voice messages from your smartwatch. This is an effective way of communicating without having to use your phone.

Mobile Wallet

You can also pay on your smartwatch. You can have a wallet attached to your watch where you can make payments.

Final Thoughts 

Many different smartwatches are able to measure your blood pressure. This is a fairly new feature for smartwatches as they haven’t always had the ability to measure your blood pressure.

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