How To Connect Apple Watch To Samsung

Most of us would agree that we get excited when we see new technology on the market. Whether that is a new cell phone, a tablet, a computer and of course, a smartwatch.

One of the most popular smartwatches on the market today though is an Apple watch.

How To Connect Apple Watch To Samsung

Apple watches can be extremely useful and they are really fashionable, but Apple products typically pair with other Apple products – so how would you connect your Apple watch with a Samsung cell phone?

Well, there are ways to do it – but you have to remember that you will need an iPhone 6 or above to be able to pair your Samsung device with your Apple watch correctly. Indeed, while it can be simple to do so, you will need to know quite a few things.

So, we’ve written this handy guide which explains everything you need to know about this process. If you’re ready to learn more about this, then read on with us and discover the answer!

What To Know Before You Begin

Before we get into the guide, we need to make you aware of a few things. As we mentioned a moment ago, Apple products typically work with other Apple products, so while you are able to pair an Apple watch with a Samsung device, you will lose some functionality.

In other words, if you want your Apple watch to work to the best of its capacity, then you will want to use an Apple watch with an Apple device. 

That being said, if you are set on using your Apple watch with a Samsung device, you have to be aware that you are going to lose some of the functionalities that you might expect from the Apple watch.

You will still be able to send iMessages directly from your Apple watch to other Apple devices, but you will also find that SMS messages tend to fail, or are at best intermittent. 

Indeed, as Apple watches are designed to sync with Apple devices, you will find that certain apps simply do not work in their full capacity. For example, while you can still use the health and fitness app – it won’t share information to your Samsung cell phone.

Luckily though, most third party messaging apps like Telegram or Whatsapp will usually work fine. So, in other words – if you’re absolutely going to use a Samsung cell phone with an Apple watch, then you need to be prepared to compromise on some of its abilities.

Now that we know all of this, let’s take a look at the things you will need to have before you set up your Apple watch.

What You Need For The Apple Watch To Work

How To Connect Apple Watch To Samsung

You’re going to need a few things for the Apple watch to work, and unfortunately, because you are going to use a Samsung cell phone, you’re also going to need a few different things than if you were going to use an iPhone.

To begin with, you’re going to need to buy a cellular Apple watch model. This is because you need to use your Apple watch independently of your cell phone, in order to receive phone calls and SMS messages.

If you don’t do this, you will not be able to use the Apple watch for any basic functionalities. For the initial setup, you’re also going to need an iPhone 6 or above – which is the device you will need to put the SIM card into.

For this step to work, you are also going to need to check if your Samsung device uses the same sized SIM card as the iPhone you are going to use for the setup. If it is different, you will need to either get an adapter, or use a different iPhone.

Having said this though, most newer cell devices use the same sized SIM, but you will find that older Samsung devices use micro sim sizes, so be aware of this point before you start.

Setting Up Your Apple Watch For Samsung 

Now that you have all the items that you need to begin, start by pairing your Apple watch with your iPhone. This is a required step as the Apple watch will then link with your cell phone number.

You will then want to download any apps that you are hoping to use on the Apple watch. We should also point out here that your SIM card needs to be in your iPhone before you turn your Apple watch on to avoid any complications.

While both of your devices are near one another, turn them both on and you will notice that a pairing screen appears. If this does not occur, you can access the pairing screen on your Apple watch app on your iPhone and select “Pair New Watch”. 

Once you have done this, select the option “Set Up For Myself”. A circle appears on your Apple watch and then Viewfinder appears on your iPhone. You then scan the watch with your iPhone’s camera.

After this, your Apple watch will begin to pair with your iPhone, and once this has finished, you can learn more about the device if you wish to through the link that appears.

All you need to do now is turn off your iPhone, swap the SIM over to your Samsung device and connect to the Apple watch through Bluetooth

You are now able to use basic functions on your Apple watch and share some capabilities with your Samsung device. If during your use, the Apple watch stops working with your Samsung, you may need to repeat the pairing process (usually due to updates).

Final Thoughts 

While you can use an Apple watch with a Samsung device, you are better off using the same brand (Samsung watch with Samsung device, Apple with Apple), in order to get all of the functionalities you expect from them.

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