Can You Get Snapchat On A Samsung Galaxy Watch?

Snapchat is one of the most popular apps available at the moment. It allows its users to take photographs and videos, apply funny filters, watch your own designed Bitmoji stories and keep track of where your friends are and what they’re doing.

You can also look at public activity all around the world! 

With such a huge popularity, you may have thought that the app developers would have made it accessible on smartwatches – but alas, this is not the case. Snapchat is still inaccessible on a variety of devices and the Samsung Galaxy watch range is one of these.

Today, we’re going to look at why this is the case and if we can expect Samsung smartwatches to include Snapchat onto its platform in the future. 

Can You Get Snapchat On A Samsung Galaxy Watch

So, It’s Not Possible?

Unfortunately not. Currently, you cannot install Snapchat on your Samsung Galaxy watch. However, Samsung isn’t the only brand that cannot offer a wearable with Snapchat available.

Currently, no smartwatches have Snapchat as an available app, even though Samsung and Apple have the capabilities for third party apps to be downloaded onto them (if you have Samsung and Apple products, see how to connect them here). 

Will It Be Possible In The Future?

This is entirely possible. Samsung’s old Galaxy Gear watch used to have a camera on it giving it the capability. In fact, Snapchat developed a version called Snapchat Micro which was designed specifically for this kind of technology.

There was much hope around this for all wearable devices, but unfortunately it wasn’t without its flaws. 

Snapchat Micro allowed users of the app via the Galaxy Gear to send photographs from the 1.4 megapixel camera and 720p videos.

Possibly due to its early stages of this kind of technology, the imagery wasn’t great but it was a good start and a novelty for all Snapchat lovers. 

Samsung, though, removed the camera from their future watches – and since Snapchat did not update or improve the Snapchat Micro app anyway – it was subsequently removed from the Galaxy Store. 

Considering this technology was released in 2013, it does seem likely that a comeback is on the horizon. Upcoming watch Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, according to Samsung, is going to have a great update and include The Wear (which is developed in partnership with Google).

If they choose to have a camera this time around – it seems incredibly likely that Snapchat will be possible on it and potentially other Smartwatch brands will follow in their lead. 

Of course, right now – we have no definitive answer. 

So, Right Now – No Snapchat Whatsoever?!

It depends what you mean here. No, you cannot snap a picture and send it to your friends directly from your Samsung Galaxy watch right now – but you can still receive notifications from Snapchat. 

To enable the notifications from Snapchat, go onto your wearables app on your smartphone and access the notifications settings. Next, go onto “see all” and go down the list to find Snapchat. Check if notifications are enabled – if they’re not, move the slider to enable notifications. 

If for any reason, you have this enabled but you cannot still get notifications from Snapchat onto your Samsung Galaxy watch – access Snapchat on your smartphone and check to see if you are logged in and the app is functioning correctly.

If you’ve checked this and everything looks good, check your notification settings on your smartphone and scroll down until you find Snapchat. Simply check to see if notifications are enabled – if they’re not, enable them. 

If you’re still experiencing notification problems, check that Bluetooth is enabled and your watch is connected correctly to your smartphone.

It’s also wise to check if the app, smartphone or watch requires an update, as often this will affect the functionality of the app and as a result – you may not get notifications as normal. 

If everything looks good and you’re still having troubles – restart both your phone and your Galaxy watch (see also ‘Is The Galaxy Watch 4 Waterproof?‘). This should solve the problem but if it doesn’t, try and contact Samsung directly as you may have a software issue. 

The Takeaway 

Currently, you cannot get Snapchat on your Samsung Galaxy watch, or any smartwatch at the moment for that matter. However, as history has shown us – they have tried it before and it may come around in the future. We sure hope so! 

Garrett Jones