The Easiest Methods For Getting Snapchat On An Apple Watch

Snapchat has grown into an app that many of us use regularly or even on a daily basis, being one of the easiest platforms to share a photo in an instant.

Despite being very popular however, unfortunately there is no official Snapchat application on Apple Watches.

The Easiest Methods For Getting Snapchat On An Apple Watch

The reason for this is simply because Snapchat is not compatible with the WatchOS or Apple Smartwatches and so they are not built to support the application.

The other primary reason Snapchat is not supported is simply because the Apple Watch does not have a built-in camera which is required to even use snapchat in the first place since the entire app is based on chatting through images.

Even though various application developers have actually made access to other applications possible on an Apple Watch such as Telegram and Whatsapp, this has unfortunately not been done with Snapchat, however this is not to say you should rule the app out completely as you can still use it through specific online methods.

Here are some alternate ways you can use Snapchat on your Apple Watch right now.

Method 1 – Web Browser

This method is the most popular and easiest way to launch Snapchat and works just by searching for the application through the web browser.

Step 1 – Connect To Internet

Start by powering up your Apple Watch and making sure it is connected to the internet. This workaround will be using the web browser so an internet connection will be required to be able to use the search engine.

Step 2 – Launch Siri

Next you will want to launch Siri by holding down on the Digital Crown button.

Step 3 – Google Search

When you see the Siri listening indicator pop up say ‘Google Search’ and it will direct you to the Google search engine.

Step 4 – Tap Google Assistant

Once Google is open, tap on the Google Assistant symbol on the screen.

Step 5 – Find Snapchat Online

Now when the listing symbol pops up again, say ‘Snapchat online’ and Google will direct you to a few results with Snapchat in the title.

Step 6 – Tap On Snapchat Login

There will be an option near the top where you can log in to Snapchat, tap on this and you will be asked for your Snapchat details used to log into the app.

Step 7 – Enter Login Information

Enter your log in details for the Snapchat account you would like to log in to.

Step 8 – Enjoy Snapchat

Now you will be logged into Snapchat as if it were the app itself.

The interface may look a little different to begin with and it can often run a little slower just because it is not fully optimized for an Apple Watch, however you will still be able to use all the standard features including stories and taking photos.

Method 2 – Watchapp+

This method utilizes an extra application that will grant access to not just Snapchat, but a few other locked away apps on an Apple Watch too.

The Easiest Methods For Getting Snapchat On An Apple Watch

This app works by moving applications from your iPhone over to the Apple Watch.

Step 1 – Download Watchapp+

Search the app store for the app Watchapp+ on your iPhone and download it, it is completely free so you won’t need to pay any extra fees. You can also download the app from the website

Step 2 – Press Injection Button

Once you have the application open, click the large green ‘start injection’ button at the bottom.

This will allow the application to quickly recognize all the apps on your iPhone so it can ask which you want to move over.

Step 3 – Select Apps

Next, you will see a selection of the different apps on your iPhone that you will be able to carry forward to your watch, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and TikTok.

Tap on Snapchat, and pick any other apps you feel you would like to use on the Apple Watch.

Step 4 – Enjoy Snapchat On The Apple Watch

Now, when you go back onto your Apple Watch you should see Snapchat and the other apps appear in the application section.

If this does not appear straight away, restarting the watch can be worthwhile just to ensure it has registered the transfer.

Can I Take Photos For Snapchat With My Apple Watch?

It may seem strange and even pointless to use Snapchat with an Apple Watch since the device does not come with a built in camera unlike most other Apple products, however while this is the case, you actually can still take photos on Apple Watch Snapchat as if you were using the app normally.

The way this is able to work is by using the Apple Watch as a remote shutter for Snapchat itself.

With this technique, you are able to take as many shots as you like, and even selfies, to send to your friends and family as if you had the app fully downloaded.

There are a few steps that need to be taken to actually set up this feature however, luckily it is not too difficult:

Step 1 – Open Snapchat On IPhone

Start by getting your iPhone and opening the Snapchat application on the device.

Step 2 – Activate Camera

Once on Snapchat, launch the standard camera mode and position the phone as you would want to take your shot.

Step 3 – Set Apple Watch To Default Face

Then go back to the Apple Watch and set it to the default watch face screen that is on the iPhone.

Step 4 – Open Music Glance

Swipe upwards on the watch and open Music Glance.

Step 5 – Take A Picture

Now you will be in a position where you’re ready to take a photo. To do this, slightly rotate the Digital Crown button without pressing it, and your shot will be taken.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Other Apps Cannot Be Used On The Apple Watch?

Because of compatibility or third party issues, there is a fair range of apps that actually are not supported and cannot be used on the Apple Watch alongside Snapchat, despite many of them being very popular and active.

Facebook is the main victim of this, however, while as an actual application, it cannot be downloaded and used as it would normally be on an Apple Watch. You can actually still receive notification alerts on your watch when the Facebook app is installed on your phone.

Despite growing extremely popular in recent years, TikTok is also currently unavailable to download for the Apple Watch despite the constant pleas by users to bring it to the device so they can use it easily on the go.

Instagram similarly cannot be downloaded directly on the Apple Watch, however it can be transferred over to the watch in a similar way to Snapchat by using the Lens app.

The Lens app will let you use most functions of Instagram on an Apple Watch, including commenting on posts, viewing videos, and searching for users, however, you unfortunately cannot upload any posts as this is not supported through the app.


While Snapchat is definitely one of the most popular social media apps out there, with some of us even relying on it as our primary form of communication with friends and family, it is very unfortunate that it cannot fit into the very limited amount of apps on offer for the Apple Watch.

Luckily these methods are quick and easy workarounds that can allow you to set up and take Snaps on your watch in no time, so they are a must try for all regular Snapchat users who want to make using the app even easier.

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