How To Change Time On Fitbit Without App

There’s no denying that Fitbit has proven time and time again that they are one of the most influential and advanced companies in the world of tech with their smartwatches being some of the very best on the market in terms of smart functionality and ease of use. 

However, one of the only common complaints customers have had with Fitbit products is their over-reliance on the Fitbit app and specifically how users are required to toggle through multiple menus of the app just to adjust something that you would easily be able to do manually on the watch itself, and that includes setting the time. 

How To Change Time On Fitbit Without App

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of navigating through the app just to change the date and time on your Fitbit device, the good news is that there is another way to do it which takes barely any time at all.

Issues With The Fitbit App

Many people will try and find ways to play around with their Fitbit settings without needing to log into the app, primarily because of how many issues people have run into when using it.

The main problem, and one that has occurred for many users at least once while using the app, is connecting the Fitbit watch to the app using Bluetooth, since this can often be unreliable because the mobile device won’t always register the connection, which can end up wasting more time than it’s worth. 

This issue can also be caused by how unreliable the tracker is on some Fitbit devices so it’s never a bad idea to simply adjust the time through the website instead. 

How To Change The Time Manually On A Fitbit

The Fitbit app is used to adjust many different settings and functions of a device that has been synced to the mobile device, but the truth is not everyone has enough storage to download a companion app, or they would simply rather not download it so that they can focus on the watch itself rather than having to get there phone out every time they want to use it. 

If you’re one of these people, there is a way you can change the time on your Fitbit device without having to use the app, and we’re going to show you this method right now:

1. Sign into the Fitbit website using your account login details. 

2. Click on the “Settings” icon which is the gray wheel at the top right of the screen.

Keep in mind that if you see a symbol of someone with a shopping trolley in the top corner rather than a wheel, then you simply need to click on the icon and select “My Dashboard” so that the icon can appear.

3. Once you are on the Settings tab, a few different options will appear to the left of the screen including “Notifications” and “Privacy”.

Select “Personal Information” and you will be met with a few more options that you can choose to adjust the settings on your Fitbit smartwatch. 

4. Tap On “Clock Display Time” and you will have the option to pick a time on either a 24-hour or 12-hour clock, depending on your preference.

You can also choose the “Timezone” option to allow the watch to set the time automatically based on your current location.

How To Change Time On Fitbit Without App

Why Is My Fitbit Not Displaying The Correct Time?

If you’ve gone through the Fitbit website to manually change the time and you find that it’s still not syncing up to your watch, or if the time has re-adjusted itself after a few hours or days, there are a few reasons why this could be the case and a few solutions that are available.

Trouble Syncing The Account

There might simply be an issue with your Fitbit watch linking up to your actual Fitbit account.

Just make sure that you are using the right account with your watch since it can be easy to get them mixed up if you or a few people around you are using different emails. 

It can also be worth logging out of your account on the website and then signing back in before trying to change the time.

This can be a common reason why the change hasn’t registered if you have been on the website for a long period of time since it may have logged your account out and not saved any changes you made. 

Restarting The Device

If the time displayed on your watch suddenly switches to 00:00 or another random set of numbers, this is a common glitch that affects multiple Fitbit devices, especially the older models, and it can usually be fixed by simply restarting the watch. 

To do this, you simply need to press and hold down the power button for 10 seconds until you see the Fitbit logo pop up on the screen.

Release when you see the icon, and the watch will restart and troubleshoot any glitches or issues. 

Can A Fitbit Adjust The Time Automatically?

While you can set the time and date for your Fitbit manually by going through the website, the device is also able to determine and adjust the time automatically, this option is most easily accessed through the app.

When going through the app, on the “Account” page will be an “Automatic Time Zone” slider, and if you see this on the watch will display the correct time automatically.

This works essentially the same as the “Timezone” feature on the website, so you won’t need the app even if you want the watch to determine the time on its own, though you will have to navigate through a few more menus. 


If you’re running into issues with the Fitbit app, you can luckily change a lot of the settings you would usually require the app for by simply logging into your account on the Fitbit website, and that includes changing the time.

Remember to repeat the process by logging back into your account or restarting the watch entirely if the time doesn’t change immediately.

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