How To Change The Time On An Armitron Watch? (Analogue & Digital)

Armitron has been a favorite brand of sports watches since its creation in 1975. They are great for active people who want something a little more complex, and these watches come with several different features. 

So let’s say you’ve just purchased a brand new Armitron watch – one thing you might notice is that it does not have a set time. The first step is to set the time manually.

How To Change The Time On An Armitron Watch (Analogue & Digital)

But one look at your new watch makes you scratch your head. How exactly do you add in the correct time and date? 

If you find yourself asking this question, don’t panic! We’re here to help you get your watch functioning properly with just a few easy steps.

This article has been created to help you set the time on either an analog or digital Armitron watch. We’ve also made sure to include an extensive FAQ section that will help clear up any confusion you may have around Armitron watches. 

First Steps

The first thing you’ll need to know about Armitron watches is that there are a lot of different versions you can buy. There are both digital and analog versions, all of which range in price, size, and functionality.

This means that there are different buttons and components for each, which will make the set-up process vary.

The most important components that you need to locate before starting up your watch are: 

  • The Buttons (For Digital)
  • The Crown (for Analog)

We’ll go into further detail about these components when we get to the tutorials for each kind of watch, but you’ll want to take a look at the watch you have in your hand and try to locate the different buttons there are available.

The other thing you’ll need to do is make sure you have a working clock, watch, or the time on your phone that you can use as a reference point. 

Analog Watch 

One of the first things you’ll need to do is determine whether your watch is an analog or digital version.

Both pose their own unique challenges, and you’ll need to follow a different set of instructions depending on which version you use. This first section is to help you to set the time for your analog watch.

Follow these instructions closely:

Step 1: The Crown 

You’re going to want to first remove the crown out of the side of your Armitron. If you’re wondering what the crown of a watch is, then it can best be described as a small knob on the side.

Pull the crown out of your watch until it makes a small clicking noise.

Step 2: Turning The Crown 

Next up you’re going to need to rotate the crown until the corrected date appears in the window of your watch’s face.

This may be either clockwise or counterclockwise depending on the model of your watch. Take some time to work this out before committing. Once you’ve set the correct date, you can move on to the day of the week. 

Step 3: Set The Day Of The Week

Pull the crown of your watch twice and you’ll hear it click. Continue to do this and adjust your watch until it displays the correct day of the week.

Step 4: Set The Time

Now you can pull the crown to adjust the time. You’ll notice that the hands will begin to turn. The best way to get the accurate time is to use an already accurate clock. Watch it carefully as you can and try to make sure you get it accurate within a few minutes.

You can set the time by clicking the crown back into place. From here on out you should have set the date and time and your watch should be ticking along normally.

However, if you’ve made a mistake, simply go back to step one of the processes and begin again. 

Digital Watch

Digital Watch

Digital watches should be a little easier to set, but they usually have a lot more buttons than an analog version which can lead you to feel confused.

Make sure to follow each step of our instructions carefully. If you find yourself messing up, try to find the reset button so you can get back to the first step.

Step 1. Reset Button 

Find the reset button, it’s likely to be on the top left side of your Armitron watch. There are a few different versions of this watch, but you should be able to find it fairly easily.

Once you’ve located it, make sure to hold the button down for 3 seconds. Once it starts beeping, you will notice that the digital panel of your watch (all the numbers) will begin to flash. 

Step 2: Choose Hours/Minutes/Date

The next button you’re going to need to find is the ‘mode’ button. You’ll be able to use this to navigate through the hours, minutes, and days displayed on your watch.

When you press the mode button, the set of numbers that are flashing will change. The numbers that are currently flashing will be the part you’re able to change. 

Step 3: Change The Numbers

So we’re going to start with the ‘hours’ set of numbers. Press the mode button until these are lighting up, then navigate to what is known as the St/Stp button. This is likely to be on the top right side of your watch. =

Click the button until you cycle through to find the right hours. Then you’re going to watch to continue to do this with every value until you have the right time and date. 

Once you’ve changed all of the number values, you should find that your watch is all set and ready to go. Now, remember, if you’ve had any problems with any step just go back to the reset button and start again.

You might find that setting your digital Armitron watch takes a bit of time, but once you’ve done it once or twice you should find it quite simple. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! The numerous buttons of features of an Armitron watch can be difficult to navigate at first, but with a little practice, you should find your new watch quite simple to use.

We’d like to point out that there are a few differences between models, so if you get stuck with any of the buttons or methods we provided above, take a look at your specific model’s user manual and search for a feature diagram.

We hope that this article has told you everything you wanted to know about how to change your Armitron watch and that you now feel a lot more confident about the whole experience.

If you still have some questions, check below for our short FAQ section. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Happens If My Watch Stops Moving?

A stuck watch is one of the main problems that people who own analog watches run into. Because watches are intricate pieces of equipment, there could be a few things that are the cause of this.

The most common is dirt that is blocking the movement. Whilst there are tutorials online that allow you to open up an analog watch and give you some advice on how to fix them, it’s best to take it to a professional for them to fix, particularly if it is an expensive watch. 

What Is A Sports Watch? 

Sport watches have been around since the early 1900’s. In fact, they were first invented in Switzerland. However, they didn’t become popular until the 1960’s when they started becoming affordable.

Today, sports watches are a huge business. There are many different types of sport watches out there. 

What Are The Different Parts of A Watch? 

Next, we’re going to give you a short rundown of all the main parts of a watch, this will help you to better understand your device when you’re setting the time.

An analog watch has a lot of different internal components, but we’re mostly going to focus on the ones you can see from the outside.

Case: The case of a watch is the term for the general housing of the device. This can be metal or plastic. Its main job is to keep the entirety of the watch in place.

Crown: The Crown is the little knob on the side of the watch that we mentioned previously in this article. It is used mostly to turn internal components and set the time. 

Crystal: This is the part of the watch that protects all of the central components. It is the ‘window’ of the watch that separates the dial.

Dial: The dial is the part that displays the time. This is also used to describe a digital watch, but in that case, it is the part that displays the digital numbers. 

Hands: The hands of a clock are the parts that tell the time. Most watches have three – hour, minute, and second. 

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Brands Of Sports Watch? 

  • Timex – One of the earliest brands of sport watches was Timex. These watches were known for their durability and affordability. Many people still wear these today.
  • Casio – Another brand that is well-known is Casio. Casio makes a variety of different sport watches including running watches, golf watches, tennis watches, and much more.
  • Seiko – Seiko is another famous watch company that is known for making great sport watches. Their watches are known for being reliable and durable.
  • Tag Heuer – Tag Heuer is yet another name that is well-known for making quality sport watches.
  • Omega – Omega is another brand that is well-loved for its high-quality products.
  • Apple Watch – Apple recently released the Apple Watch. This is a smartwatch that works with iPhones.
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