Can I Use Waze On My Apple Watch?

If you have ever been a passenger to a driver stuck in traffic, then you will probably be familiar with Waze.

The Waze navigation app is a lifesaver when it comes to searching for alternative routes that allow you to beat traffic, and we’re sure that it has helped you out more times than not.

Can I Use Waze On My Apple Watch?

If you have used Waze on your iPhone previously, you may be eager to discover if you can use Waze on your Apple Watch. After all, quite a lot of the apps that exist on iPhones have already made their way across to the Apple Watch. But what about Waze?

Well, unfortunately, the Waze App is yet to be available on Apple Watch. But, thankfully, there are plenty of alternatives to the Waze app which are available on your Apple Watch. In this guide, I’ll be telling you all about these apps. Keep on reading to find out more!

Does Waze Work On Apple Watch?

As I have just established, unfortunately, the Waze app is not available on your Apple Watch. Unlike many other apps which have already made their way across to the Apple Watch, the Waze app is not one of them.

This app is still only available on your iPhone, and as a result, you will not be able to connect to Waze maps on your Apple Watch. The only way that you are able to access apps on your Apple Watch is if that app has been configured for use on your Apple Watch.

The apps that are available on your iPhone will not be mirrored onto your Apple Watch. You will only be able to use apps that are specifically designed for your Apple Watch on your Apple Watch. This means that you cannot use Waze on your Apple Watch.

However, there are plenty of other navigational apps that are available on your Apple Watch. So, if you are searching for a nav system, you will easily be able to find one that you can use instead of Waze. Let me tell you all about these different apps.

The Best Alternatives To Waze

Even though Waze isn’t available on your Apple Watch, there are a number of navigational apps that are fairly similar to Waze which you can access on your Apple Watch. So, if you are looking for an alternative to Waze, keep on reading to find out about the best options!

Apple Maps

It makes sense that one of the best alternatives to Waze is Apple Maps. Apple Maps is the Maps application that comes preinstalled on all Apple products, including your iPhone and your Apple Watch.

The great thing about this application is that you do not need to download the app onto your watch to use it, it will already be there and ready to use. Apple Maps is a free application, and it will give you access to maps for all the world.

It is a fairly basic app, and for this reason it is very user-friendly. The app only allows for basic features, including directions to and from the locations that you input, and it will give you basic information about your journey.

This basic information will include things such as stop signs, traffic lights and speed limits. Apple Maps isn’t necessarily the best alternative in terms of performance, and this will become more clear when I tell you about some of the other alternatives to consider.

However, if you want an application that is easy to use, and already installed on your Apple Watch, then Apple Maps is the best application for you to use.

Google Maps

Google Maps

If you are looking for excellent performance, then one of the best applications to use is Google Maps. Google really is a giant when it comes to tech, and Google Maps is the go-to navigational system for many people across the globe.

So, you will be happy to hear that it is compatible with your Apple Watch. Google Maps is available to be downloaded onto your Apple Watch, and once you start using it, you will understand why this is the ultimate navigation app when it comes to performance.

Google Maps not only allows you to access maps and plan routes, it also allows you to get real time updates about these routes. Features in the Google Maps app allow individuals to update routes with information.

So if there has been a collision at some point in your route, and traffic has come to a standstill, you will likely be updated about this.

Likewise, updates about roadworks and congestion will ensure that you are provided with accurate ETAs for your journey.

The features available on Google Maps are simply unbeatable, and that is why it is my favorite navigational system that you can use on your Apple Watch.

Yandex Maps

Finally, another option that you should consider is Yandex maps. Yandex is a free navigational application that is designed for Apple products. This is essentially an advanced version of Apple Maps, so it is one that you certainly should consider.

Yandex Maps is fairly basic to use in terms of interface, but it comes with a variety of features, including real time updates, public transport routes, and voice-guided navigation too.

The real time updates will allow you to take alternative routes in the event of congestion or accidents, which is very similar to the features that Waze offers.

Yandex is very similar to Google Maps in terms of features, so if you are struggling to get on with Google Maps, check out Yandex maps instead.

Which Is Better: Waze Or Google Maps?

If you love Waze, then you really should check out Google Maps. Google Maps is by far the most superior navigational app on the planet, and it is heads and tails above Waze.

Waze is almost like a low-budget version of Google Maps, which is why you probably won’t look back once you use Google Maps once.

Which Is Better: Waze Or Apple Maps?

When it comes to comparing Apple Maps and Waze, there really is no denying that Waze is better than Apple Maps. Waze has real time updates regarding congestion, accidents and road works that really make it a lot better than Apple Maps.

If you are walking, then Apple Maps is fine. But if you are driving, there’s no denying that Waze is the better choice.

Waze Frequently Asked Questions

Does Waze Track Police?

Just like Google Maps, Waze is a user-updated app. Due to this, it is possible for users to add the location of any police vehicles to the interface. This information will not be added by the app itself, but it may be added by users.

Is Waze Better Than Yandex?

Both Waze and Yandex are very similar to one another. They are pretty much on the same level when it comes to features and performance. Yandex simply has the upper hand as it is available on your Apple Watch, while Waze is not.


In short, no, you cannot use Waze on your Apple Watch. This is because Waze is not compatible with the Apple Watch.

However, there are plenty of other navigational apps that are compatible with your Apple Watch, I have taken a look at these in this guide. Thanks for reading!

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