How to Use Bluetooth Headphones on Discord Mobile: A Quick and Easy Guide

Using Bluetooth headphones on Discord mobile is a game changer for those who love to communicate and game on the go. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of setting up and utilizing your Bluetooth headphones with Discord Mobile, allowing you to enjoy an improved audio experience while chatting and gaming with friends.

How to Use Bluetooth Headphones on Discord Mobile

First, it’s essential to have a basic understanding of Bluetooth and how to correctly set it up on your smartphone or tablet.

Once you’re familiar with your device’s Bluetooth settings, all you need is the Discord Mobile app installed on your device. With everything ready, you’ll be able to connect your Bluetooth headphones to Discord Mobile and enjoy all its features with ease.

Key Points

  • Learn to set up Bluetooth on your phone or tablet for seamless connection
  • Master the installation and usage of Discord Mobile with Bluetooth headphones
  • Troubleshoot and improve in-app audio settings for an enhanced experience

Understanding Bluetooth and Devices

Bluetooth technology has become an essential part of our daily lives, allowing us to connect various devices like headphones, speakers, and smartwatches to our mobile phones wirelessly.

Essentially, Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communication protocol that enables devices to exchange data within a certain range. The range of Bluetooth can vary depending on factors like interference and the specific class of the device.

When it comes to connecting Bluetooth devices to your phone, it’s crucial to ensure compatibility. Most modern smartphones, including Android and iOS devices, have built-in Bluetooth capabilities, making it easy to pair them with a variety of accessories.

Among these accessories, Bluetooth headphones, also known as Bluetooth headsets, have rapidly gained popularity due to their cord-free convenience.

To get started with using a Bluetooth headset on your mobile device, follow these simple steps:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile device by navigating to the settings menu.
  2. Turn on your Bluetooth headset and put them in pairing mode. This process may differ depending on the specific headset model, so consult the user manual if needed.
  3. On your phone, search for available Bluetooth devices and select your Bluetooth headset from the list.
  4. Confirm the pairing request, and your headset should now be connected to your mobile device.

Now that your Bluetooth headset is connected, you can take advantage of this wireless convenience while using apps like Discord Mobile. To use your Bluetooth headphones with Discord Mobile, make sure they are connected to your phone, and then:

  1. Open the Discord app, and go to User Settings.
  2. Tap Voice & Video and look for the Output Device option.
  3. Select your Bluetooth headphones from the dropdown menu.
  4. That’s it! Your Bluetooth headphones should now work with Discord Mobile.

Connecting devices like your Beats to Android mobile devices follows a similar process. Just ensure compatibility and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for pairing. Bluetooth technology has made our lives easier, enabling us to enjoy a clutter-free, wireless experience.

Setting Up Bluetooth on Phone or Tablet

To set up Bluetooth headphones on your phone or tablet for use with Discord Mobile, follow these easy steps.

First, ensure your device’s Bluetooth settings are enabled. On most devices, you can access these settings by swiping down from the top of the screen and tapping the Bluetooth icon. For Android devices, you can also go to the main Settings menu, tap on “Connections” or “Connected devices”, and look for “Bluetooth” to toggle it on.

Once you’ve turned on Bluetooth, prepare your headphones for pairing. Most headphones have a specific button or combination of buttons to press to put them in pairing mode. Consult your headphone’s user manual for instructions on how to do this, as the process varies from one make and model to another.

When your headphones are in pairing mode, your phone or tablet should automatically search for nearby Bluetooth devices. To manually start the search, tap the “Scan” button or “Search for devices” option in your Bluetooth settings.

Here are the next steps to pair your headphones:

  1. Once your phone or tablet detects your headphones, tap on the device’s name in the list to initiate pairing.
  2. Wait for a confirmation message that the pairing was successful.

After you’ve successfully paired your Bluetooth headphones with your device, it’s time to set them up for use in Discord Mobile. Open the Discord app, and tap on the menu icon in the bottom right corner. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Tap “Settings”.
  2. Scroll to “Voice & Video”.
  3. Locate the “Output Device” option, and tap it.
  4. Select your Bluetooth headphones from the list.

Your headphones are now ready for use with Discord Mobile! With this setup, you’ll be able to enjoy seamless connectivity and an enhanced user experience as you chat with friends and participate in voice channels.

Installing and Operating Discord Mobile

Discord Mobile is a popular communication app that allows you to stay connected with your friends and communities on the go. To start using Bluetooth headphones with Discord Mobile, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download Discord Mobile: First, you’ll need to download the latest version of Discord Mobile from the App Store or Google Play. This will ensure that you have the updated software to support your Bluetooth headphones.
  2. Log in or create an account: Once you’ve installed the app, open it, and sign in with your existing Discord account or create a new one if you don’t already have one.
  3. Pair your Bluetooth headphones: Turn on your Bluetooth headphones and put them in pairing mode. Then, in your mobile device’s settings, connect to your headphones.

Now that your Bluetooth headphones are connected, let’s set them up in Discord Mobile:

  1. Access Discord Mobile settings: Open the app and tap on your profile picture in the bottom right corner. This will take you to the User Settings menu.
  2. Configure your audio settings: Tap on “Voice & Video” and you’ll see options for both input and output devices.
  • For the Input Device, select your Bluetooth headphones’ microphone.
  • For the Output Device, choose your Bluetooth headphones.
  1. Adjust audio sensitivity: Make sure the audio sensitivity bar is properly configured. If it’s too low, you might not be heard by others. If it’s too high, background noises might be picked up. Adjust the bar until you find the optimal level.
  2. Use Push-to-Talk (optional): It’s a good idea to enable Push-to-Talk in the app. This lets you choose when your microphone is active, which can help prevent unwanted noise from being transmitted. Just toggle the “Push to Talk” option on.

Connecting Bluetooth Headphones to Discord Mobile

To use Bluetooth headphones on Discord Mobile, follow these simple steps:

  1. Enable Bluetooth on your device: Make sure the Bluetooth setting is on, and your device is discoverable for pairing.
  2. Pair your Bluetooth headphones: Turn on your headphones and put them in pairing mode. If you’re unsure how to do this, check the user manual or manufacturer’s website for instructions.

Once your headphones are paired with your device, set them up within the Discord app:

  1. Open the Discord app: Launch the app on your mobile device and sign in if prompted.
  2. Go to User Settings: Tap the menu icon in the top-left corner of the screen, then tap “User Settings” (it looks like a gear icon).
  3. Access Voice & Video settings: Scroll down and tap “Voice & Video.” This is where you can adjust your input and output settings for voice communication.
  4. Select your Bluetooth headphones as the output device: Under the “Output Device” section, choose your headphones from the drop-down menu. This ensures that you can hear others on Discord Mobile through your Bluetooth headset.
  5. Set your Bluetooth headset as the input device: Similarly, under the “Input Device” section, select your Bluetooth headset to use its microphone for voice chat.

Here’s a quick summary of the process:

  • Enable Bluetooth and pair your headphones
  • Open the Discord app
  • Go to User Settings > Voice & Video
  • Set your Bluetooth headphones as the output and input devices

Now your Bluetooth headphones are connected to Discord Mobile, and you can enjoy hands-free communication during gameplay, meetings, or any other activities on the app. Don’t forget to adjust your input and output volume levels to ensure optimal sound quality for both listening and speaking.

Troubleshooting Bluetooth and Discord Issues

Sometimes, using Bluetooth headphones on Discord mobile can lead to connection or audio issues. To troubleshoot these problems, follow the steps below.

  1. Check Bluetooth Connection: Make sure your Bluetooth headphones are paired correctly with your device. Go to your device’s Bluetooth settings, find the headphones, and make sure they’re connected. If your headphones are connected but not functioning properly, try disconnecting and reconnecting them.
  2. Adjust Discord Settings: Open the Discord app, tap on the settings icon at the bottom right of the screen, then tap ‘Voice & Video’. Ensure your Bluetooth headphones are selected as the input and output devices for both speaker and microphone. If the audio is still not working, try adjusting the input and output volume levels.
  3. Disable Noise Suppression: Discord may sometimes reduce the audio quality from your Bluetooth headphones due to its noise suppression feature. To disable this feature, go to ‘Voice & Video’ settings within Discord, turn off ‘Noise Suppression’, and test the audio again.

When you encounter issues with Bluetooth headphones on Discord mobile, consider the following possible solutions:

  • Test with another app: To check if the issue is with Discord or your headphones, try using them with another app such as a music player or a different voice chat platform. If the problem persists, it might be related to your Bluetooth headphones rather than Discord.
  • Battery life: Low battery power in your Bluetooth headphones could result in poor audio quality or connectivity issues. Ensure your headphones are fully charged before using them with Discord.
  • Restart your device: Sometimes, a quick restart of your phone or tablet may resolve the issue with your Bluetooth headphones and Discord.
  • Update Discord app: Make sure you’re using the latest version of Discord. If not, update the app and test your headphones again.

In case your wired headphones also have issues, you may want to consider learning how to fix broken headphones or look for alternative charging options if your device has a problem, such as figuring out how to charge a phone with a broken charger port.

Improving Audio Quality on Discord Mobile

To improve your audio quality on Discord Mobile, it’s essential to make adjustments to specific settings within the app. First, let’s go through the steps to ensure the best sound quality for voice communication.

  1. Open the Discord Mobile app.
  2. Tap on the hamburger menu in the upper-left corner.
  3. Tap on the cog icon next to your username.
  4. Scroll down and tap on “Voice & Video”.
  5. Check that the proper input and output devices are selected for your Bluetooth headphones.
  6. Adjust the “Input Volume” and “Output Volume” sliders accordingly.

These steps will help you tailor your audio experience based on your personal preferences and the specifications of your Bluetooth headphones.

In addition to adjusting volume levels, there are other tweaks you can make in Discord Mobile to enhance your audio experience further:

  • Noise Suppression: This feature reduces background noise from your microphone. Enable it within the “Voice & Video” settings to ensure clearer audio.
  • Using voice channels: Discord provides separate channels for text and voice communication. Joining voice channels will guarantee a more consistent audio signal. Keep in mind, though, that audio quality may depend on factors such as your internet connection and the server’s capacity.
  • Audio subsystem: Discord can use either the Standard or Legacy audio subsystem for better compatibility with different devices. If you face issues with sound quality or consistency, you can try switching between the two options within the “Voice & Video” settings.

Finally, the audio quality and volume of your Bluetooth headphones can depend on the hardware itself. It might be helpful to learn how to increase the bass on your AirPods or investigate why one of your AirPods is louder than the other.

Managing Audio Settings on Discord Mobile

Managing your audio settings on Discord Mobile is essential for a better experience while using Bluetooth headphones. To get started, open the Discord app and tap on the gear icon located at the bottom right corner to access your user settings.

Next, tap on ‘Voice & Video’ and here you will find options to adjust both input and output devices. For your Bluetooth headphones, you will need to select them as your output device. Scroll through the list of available devices and pick your Bluetooth headphones to set them as the output device.

Additionally, you can also adjust your input device – usually the microphone on your headphones or your smartphone’s built-in microphone. Similar to the output device, you will be able to select your desired microphone from the list provided.

Some essential adjustments to improve your audio experience on Discord are:

  1. Input volume: Control how loud your voice is heard by other users.
  2. Output volume: Adjust the volume levels of other users’ voices in the chat.
  3. Noise reduction: Enable this feature to minimize background noise.
  4. Echo cancellation: This helps in reducing echo feedback during voice calls.

Check on the speaker icon and microphone icon to mute or unmute your audio output and input, respectively. This is particularly useful when you need to temporarily mute your microphone or speakers during a call.

For users with AirPods, you might find it helpful to rename your AirPods for easier identification in the list of available devices or turn off unnecessary notifications to avoid interruptions during Discord chats.

Remember to keep your Bluetooth headphones charged and in close range with your device, as low battery or poor connection may cause your audio to suffer. If you encounter issues with AirPods’ battery life, visit this helpful resource on understanding why your AirPods might be dying fast and potential fixes.

Addressing Common Discord Mobile Issues

Experiencing issues with your Bluetooth headphones and Discord mobile can be quite frustrating. In this section, we will address the most common concerns and provide solutions to help you resolve them.

Voice Chat and Voice Issues

When encountering voice chat issues while using Bluetooth headphones in Discord mobile, it’s important to first make sure your headphones are successfully connected to your device. If they’re connected and the issue persists, you might need to adjust the audio settings in Discord:

  1. Open Discord and tap on the user settings icon (the gear icon) in the bottom right corner.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Voice & Video settings.
  3. Under the Input Device and Output Device, make sure your Bluetooth headphones are selected.

Additionally, if you have push-to-talk enabled, ensure that you have set a convenient keybind for it.

Text Chats and Formatting

Sometimes, using Discord mobile can lead to text formatting issues, especially when copying and pasting between apps. Here are some helpful tips to improve your text chat experience:

  • Use asterisks (*) for bold text: *bold* becomes bold.
  • Use the backtick (`) for code blocks: \code`becomescode`.
  • Use underscores (_) for italic text: __italics_ becomes italics.

Bugs and Workarounds

While Discord mobile has its fair share of bugs, there are some general steps you can follow to address them:

  • Force close and restart the Discord app.
  • Ensure your Discord app is up to date.
  • Try toggling off and on the Bluetooth connection.
  • If necessary, clear the app cache in your phone’s settings.

If you still encounter issues, remember that you can always reach out to the Discord community for further assistance. With these solutions in hand, you should be on your way to a smoother Discord mobile experience with your Bluetooth headphones!

Utilizing Advanced Discord Features

Discord offers many features that can enhance your audio experience while using Bluetooth headphones. One such feature is automatic gain control, which helps maintain consistent audio levels during voice chats. To enable this setting, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Discord mobile app on your device.
  2. Tap on your profile image located in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  3. Scroll down to find “Voice Settings,” and tap to open it.
  4. Toggle the switch next to “Automatic Gain Control” to enable it.

Optimizing your microphone’s sensitivity settings is another crucial aspect. By properly adjusting the sensitivity, you can ensure clear communication without background noise or interruptions. Here’s a helpful resource on understanding sensitivity settings. To adjust your sensitivity, follow these steps:

  • Open “Voice Settings” as mentioned earlier in the list above.
  • Look for “Input Sensitivity” and drag the slider to the desired level.
  • Test your adjustments by speaking into your Bluetooth headphones.

When using advanced Discord features with your wireless headphones, make sure your headphones and mobile device are compatible. For instance, if you use an Apple AirPods Max, you may need to follow specific steps to turn off the headphones properly.


Using Bluetooth headphones on Discord Mobile is a fantastic way for gamers to stay in touch with friends and teammates during gaming sessions. It offers a seamless, hands-free experience that allows you to fully focus on the game at hand while enjoying high-quality audio.

First and foremost, make sure your Bluetooth headphones are properly paired with your mobile device. Open the Discord Mobile app and tap on your profile image, then select “Voice & Video” under App Settings. From there, ensure the correct audio input and output devices are selected and adjust any settings as needed.

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