Best Smartwatch For Messaging And Phone Calls

Smartwatches are so cool and they’ve become so popular now, it makes us wonder how we ever dealt without them!

Aside from the fitness tracking features, heart rate monitors, breathing checkers, portable payment method, access to your music like Spotify and the obvious watch features - telling us the time! - you can also personalize the watch faces and even use it as a phone! 

Best Smartwatch for Messaging and Phone Calls

That’s right, some smartwatches can allow you the ability to message people through text or social media apps and call people! But with so many out there to choose from, which smartwatch is best for those features?

Today, we’re going to take some time out and explore - the best smartwatch for messaging and phone calls.


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If you favor the Apple gear or you own an iPhone, you’d probably swing towards an Apple smartwatch. Apple smartwatches are fantastic for calls and messaging. 

They allow you to answer calls and respond to texts and messages in various ways.

You can choose to use the pre-selected/common replies under the text, you could write with your finger which becomes text or you can use the voice commands of Siri to type for you.

Let’s take a look at the best one Apple offers.

Apple Watch 6

This smartwatch has some of the most amazing features you could ever ask for in this type of device. 

It’s available in both GPS and GPSi/cellular and is available in two sizes: 40mm or 44mm.

If you opt for the GPS standalone version, you can still receive texts and calls but you will need your cell phone in range for it to connect to bluetooth.

If you decide on the GPS and cellular version, you can leave your phone at home and go for a run whilst still receiving all the full benefits of the smartwatch.

Because who wants to run with their pockets full?

The health features include a measure of blood oxygen, a heart rhythm monitor, an ECG app, sleep tracking and activity tracking.

Sleep tracking allows you to monitor how much REM sleep you’re getting and how much you may move around whilst trying to sleep.

When tracking your activity, the fitness rings will help you with your daily/weekly/monthly goals and remind you if you’re close to your targets, or if you’re not moving around enough.

The battery life is estimated at around 18 hours, which might sound a lot, but if you’re planning to get the full use out of your smartwatch (particularly the sleep tracking) you might find this battery life a little short compared to other models.


  • Calls and texts receivable on both models and easy to use
  • Excellent monitoring systems for fitness, health and sleep
  • Personalizable
  • Offers Apple Pay


  • Battery life isn’t the best
  • Can be pricey 


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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

A beautifully designed smartwatch which you can personalize the face of - so if you’re not happy with the factory version, or you’re wanting a change, you’ll find something to set your watch to! 

It’s available at 41mm or 44mm with a fantastic display.

Want to text back but running short on time? No problem! You can use the speech to text function and let the watch do the work for you.

Failing that, you can simply tap the auto replies or set the watch to auto reply depending on your circumstances at that time.

You can make and receive calls on this watch and receive all of your chosen and required notifications. Anything from Facebook to Gmail!

It can track your fitness whilst guiding you through workout options. It can also learn your common patterns through its smart use of GPS.

It can monitor your heart rate, stress levels and overall sleep quality.

Its battery life is superior to that of Apple’s with an estimate of around 24 hours.


  • Personalizable and quality design 
  • Quick functions for texts
  • Can create calls as well as receive them
  • Smart health features


  • Although it has a better battery life than Apple’s, it still isn’t the best. 


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Fossil Gen 5

This smartwatch has a unique design which is incredibly pleasing to look at. It’s incredibly customizable and it will become a part of your everyday life!

Although this watch lacks some of the features that Apple or Samsung offer, it does have one redeeming feature of its own.

Along with the speech to text function and the ability to scribble messages - you can choose to use the alphabet keyboard instead! Making texts an absolute breeze.

You can still make and receive calls, track your fitness, heart rate and sleeping and it too offers GPS. The best part? One estimated battery life for this watch is 2 weeks!


  • Keyboard for texts
  • Makes and receives calls
  • Massive battery life
  • Inexpensive


  • Lacks sport mode which other models include
  • Doesn’t seamlessly connect data to cell phone and might have issues (like Apple to Apple or Samsung to Samsung)

The Takeaway

All of these top models of smartwatch are fantastic in their own way. It’s worth asking yourself what cell phone you have and what function you’re most likely to use along with the texts and calls. 

Older models of these brands may not offer calls/texts on their devices so ensure you check what functions they have before purchasing! Happy shopping!

Garrett Jones