7 Best Neckband Bluetooth Headphones (Plus One To AVOID)

7 Best Neckband Bluetooth Headphones (Plus One To AVOID)

We’ve all been in that same scenario where you’re busy or out, and you have to get to your phone to answer a call.

What about that time you were jogging down the street and every step you took, you could feel your headphones smacking your head or falling off it entirely? Not to mention how bulky so many headphones are nowadays - it’s a never-ending struggle.

Despite all of these problems we face - there is a solution. Gone are the days of fishing for phones, bulky headsets and irritating placement.

Using neckband Bluetooth headphones makes life so much easier in every way. Bluetooth and functions mean you can enjoy your life wire-free with no fear of knotted or damaged cords. 

Of course, there are so many neckband Bluetooth headphones to choose from, so we’ve decided to help you. Instead of spending hours scrolling through all the major retailers, we’ve put together a list.

Here, you can check out some of the best neckband Bluetooth headphones available on Amazon.


Bluenin Bluetooth Headphones, Bluetooth Neckband Wireless Headphones Bluetooth 5.0 Retractable Earbuds Stereo Headset CVC 8.0 Noise Cancelling Call Vibrate Alert Earphones with Mic (Rose Gold)

Bluenin Bluetooth headphones are sleek and attractive neckband headphones. They come in black and rose gold and are situated at an affordable price.

These neckband headphones are noise-canceling, have a built-in mic and vibrates to alert users for calls.

With the latest Bluetooth technology, these Bluenin headphones have great connections to phones, smartwatches, smart speakers, tablets and computers.

You can enjoy over 14 hours of music or 16 hours talking time.

One charge can give this device up to 500 hours of standby time, meaning that wherever you go, these headphones will not die on you. 

The retractable earbuds, noise-canceling and stunningly clear sound all mean that these headphones are optimal for hands-free listening and calls, no matter where you go throughout your day.


  • Noise-canceling technology - the earbuds and mic are noise-canceling, so you will never have to worry about background noise when listening to music or making a call
  • Long battery life - these headphones have up to 500 hours of standby time and 14 hours of music
  • Latest Bluetooth features - the latest Bluetooth technology means that these headphones will link to devices quickly and have a strong connection, enabling users to have clear and stable audio
  • Comfortable design - these headphones put little pressure on your ears and rest comfortably on your neck, making them ideal for extended periods of use as well as exercise
  • Phone call vibration alert - the headphones will vibrate when there is an incoming call, so you will never have to miss a call from anyone even when you’re out


  • Limited color options available - these headphones are only available in the colors black and rose gold
  • Earphones are not waterproof - the neckband is waterproof, but the rest of the device is not and will be damaged if wet


Soundcore Anker Life U2 Bluetooth Neckband Headphones with 24 H Playtime, 10 mm Drivers, Crystal-Clear Calls with cVc 8.0, USB-C fast charging, Foldable & Lightweight Build, IPX7 Waterproof

Anker Soundcore Life headphones are a sturdy neckband headphones that are great for everyday life as well as rigorous exercise.

These headphones come in two colors, black and blue, and a very long battery life. You can get up to 24 hours of playtime after just one full charge.

Charging these headphones for just five minutes using the USB will give users two hours of listening time.

You can enjoy fantastic audio and an ever better bass, which you can turn up by selecting BassUp mode.

Not only is the audio great for you, but noise reduction technology is used to enhance speaker’s voices so that callers can hear you no matter the environment.

Furthermore, the neckband will retain its shape and strength due to the high-quality materials used, and the waterproof casing used will ensure that these headphones will work no matter the weather.


  • Long battery life - this device’s battery lasts up to 24 hours after a single charge
  • Waterproof - this device can be used in the rain and will not be damaged from moisture
  • Noise reduction technology - background noises are suppressed and you and your caller’s voice is enhanced, allowing phone calls to take place even in noisy environments
  • Sturdy device - the silicone and titanium alloy steel core strengthen the device while also enabling it to fit comfortably around your neck and keep its shape over time
  • Fast charging - 2 hours of playtime can be achieved after just five minutes of charging the headphones. When fully charged, these headphones can give up to 24 hours of playtime



TECNO wireless headphones offer an incredible battery life along with being sleek and form-fitting.

Not only can you listen to up to 38 hours of clear music, but you can also enjoy 500 hours of standby mode and a quick charge.

13.6 mm dynamic drivers mean that the audio you receive will be high quality whether you listen on a low or high volume.

You can turn up the bass and count on the noise-canceling technology to make the most of all of your favorite songs.

Using the most up-to-date Bluetooth technology, these headphones can connect to devices quickly and secure strong connections.

Pairing works with Android and iOS phones, computers, MP3s, tablets and laptops, making them easy to use everywhere.

Waterproof features also ensure that you can use this device on your jogs even if it’s raining.

They will be secure on your ears with the built-in ear-hooks, so you will never have to worry about them slipping off.


  • Long battery life - the device’s battery can last on standby mode for up to 500 hours and users can get up to 38 hours of playtime
  • Latest Bluetooth technology - Bluetooth connections are fast and reliable
  • High-quality audio - a stable transmission and great audio quality can be expected no matter the volume
  • Waterproof - heavy rain will not damage this device, though buyers should not attempt to swim while wearing the device
  • You get 3 sized ear tips - no matter your ear, you can get an ear tip that will be the perfect size for you. You will receive small, medium and large tip sizes with this device


  • Limited color options available - the only color option for this device and black and red


The LG Tone Ultra A is a middle-of-the-range price with great quality.

Buyers can choose between the colors black and white and enjoy a sleek and beautiful design, making them easy to wear and style.

With advanced speaker technology and dual mems mic, buyers can expect incredibly audio, whether for music or conversation.

Up-to-date Bluetooth technology also means that these headphones have fast pairing with other devices and have a sturdy connection.

The wires on this headset can be partially retracted, extending their lifespan and ensuring ease of mobility.


  • Lightweight and sleek - the design of these headphones will suit everyone while also being comfortable
  • High-quality audio - advanced technology ensures that speakers and microphones have the best audio
  • Fast device pairing - these headphones can connect to other devices quickly and without issue while keeping a strong connection while in range


  • Not waterproof - water will damage these headphones and render them useless
  • Earbuds not fully retractable - earbuds are only partially retractable, so they may be damaged over time due to use or incidents


Skullcandy Ink’d Bluetooth Earbuds are flexible and fashionable headphones.

They weigh in at a miniscule 24 grams and come in several colors, including red, blue, gray, and white.

These headphones are flexible enough to be folded in half to fit in your pocket when not in use.

You can enjoy amazing audio with Supreme Sound as well as a noise-insulating and comfortable fit.

No matter how much bass you want or the pitch, these headphones will be a great fit.

You can go hands free with this set and take advantage of a built-in mic, volume control and remote calling.

The battery can last for over 8 hours and recharges in just 2.5 hours, making a quick turnaround and great for daily use.

Even if you have a long day ahead, you can charge the device in ample time.


  • Fast charging - this device can be charged in as little as 2.5 hours, while many other headsets take hours longer
  • Multiple colors available - you can find 6 different colors for this headset, so no matter your preference there will be a look that you will like
  • Supreme Sound
  • Lightweight - these headphones weigh only 24 grams, a barely noticeable weight
  • Flexible - you can fold this headset enough to fit in a pocket or bag for sake keeping when you are not using it


  • Short battery life compared to similar designs - this battery life for this headset is only 8 hours, while others are up to 38 hours


LG Tone Style Neckband Earbuds are fast-charging headphones with incredible audio.

Sound is delivered by meridian-experience three-dimensional audio and boasts powerful and clear treble and bass.

Users have 8 hours of battery life whether they use the device for music or talking, while the device has 18 days of standby time.

For those often in a rush, the device can be charged for 3 hours of use in just 10 minutes. 

Being on phone calls has never been easier.

These headphones vibrate when a call is coming in, which means you will never have to miss a call, even if you are out or your hands are busy.

Dual microphones in the device ensure that conversations are clear to callers, so you will never have to repeat yourself again.


  • Clear audio - three-dimensional audio ensures that you can enjoy music, including the bass, to the fullest
  • Fast charging - charging this device for just 10 minutes means you can use it for up to 3 hours
  • Sleek design - the device’s sleek design means that it will go with any outfit and will look fashionable on everyone


  • Limited colors available - only the black color is available to purchase, so there is no variety if you are looking for different colors
  • Not waterproof - contact with water will cause damage to this headset


The Lovocoo neckband headset is an affordable and high-quality device. The headphones are ergonomic and fit your neck perfectly, ensuring it is comfortable to wear for hours.

The earbuds within the headset are retractable and silicone-covered to reduce unwanted sounds when pulled out or put back in.

Up-to-date Bluetooth technology is used, making connecting to devices easy and quick while also being stable.

Furthermore, noise-canceling functions mean that unwanted and background sounds are filtered out, so you can enjoy your music and phone calls to the full extent.

You can play music from this headset for 16 hours, talk for 18 hours and have up to 300 hours of standby time.

Charging only takes 3.5 hours, making it a good choice for long journeys with shorter charging times in between uses.

These headphones are a perfect choice for exercise as they are sweat-proof, though not entirely waterproof.

You can make the most of hands-free use and never miss a call as the headset will vibrate when there is an incoming call


  • Long battery life - the battery for this headset can last up to 18 hours for calls and talking and 16 hours for music
  • Fast charging - full charging takes only 3.5 hours. It is recommended to fully charge the device between uses
  • Noise-canceling technology - calls and music will be crystal-clear as background sounds and drowned out, allowing you to fully immerse yourself 
  • Earbuds come in different sizes - you will receive 3 different earbud sizes with this device to ensure that it is compatible for ears of all sizes


  • Not fully waterproof - the device can survive sweat and similar moisture levels but should not be used for swimming
  • Limited colors available - the colors available for this headset include, black, white and gray


Klipsch X12 Bluetooth Neckband Headphones (Black Leather)

The Klipsch X12 Headphones are priced highly and may not be the best use of hard-earned money.

These headphones use Bluetooth to connect and offer a hands-free connection like many others, but only respond to frequencies of -5Hz-19kHz.

This means that they may not be suitable for many devices or internet connections. 

While the device has over ear tips to ensure that the device does not fall off the ears while moving, parts of this headset have been known to peel, making use over time uncomfortable and unpleasant.


  • A Bluetooth connection is used - this device connects via Bluetooth, so connections are fast and stable
  • Two colors available - black and brown colors are available for this headset
  • Attractive design - the headset’s design is attractive and will suit many people’s preferences


  • Parts of the device peel - reviews have stated that plastic parts of the headset peel quickly, making use uncomfortable and unpleasant
  • Non-retractable earbuds - the earbuds cannot be retracted and may get damaged easily

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the perfect pair of Bluetooth neckband headphones is tough. With so many things to consider, we’ve put together a buyer’s guide to help you on your way to choosing the best fit for you.

Below are some things to consider when looking for the perfect Bluetooth neckband headphones. 

Access To Charging Stations Throughout Your Day

With all the headsets boasting all the same base features such as hands-free use and good audio quality, attention should be diverted to battery life.

If you live a busy life and are out for most of the day without access to charging stations, chances are you will need a headset that has a long battery life. Alternatively, headsets that are fast charging could be suitable for your needs. 

Noise-Cancelation Options

If phone calls are an important part of your daily life, then you may wish to invest in something with noise-canceling technology. This is the case especially if you are active and like to exercise outdoors in environments that are typically noisy.

By choosing a headset with noise-canceling functions, neither you nor the person on the other side will become frustrated by the world around you while attending business.

If, on the other hand, you intend on using the headphones in quieter environments or at home, noise-cancelation may not be a priority for you.

Likewise, if you prefer not to be immersed and potentially unaware of your surroundings, noise-cancelation might not be something that you actually want. This might be the case in places such as cities where it is important to know what is happening around you and hear vehicles. 

With that being said, it should be noted that not all noise-cancelation headsets are the same. Active noise-cancelation will better reduce noise from your environment compared to passive noise-cancellation technologies.

When it comes to passive vs active noise-cancelation, the only technology that will work for earbuds is active. This is because there is no mass between your ear and the outside world like there are with regular headphones.


Not all neckband headsets are made equal when it comes to aesthetics. There are many devices that are limited in terms of color options, while others have a wide range of fun and chic choices.

Not only this, but the shape of some headphones may not be seen as being ‘attractive’. Your personal preference when it comes to the appearance of the headset is just as significant as its functionality, since you will be the one to be using the device.

Very Bluetooth neckband headphones are made to fit colorful preferences. With that being said, there are a few gems out there that come in purples and pinks. 

Sound Quality Can Be Subjective

Because we are all individual people, we may prefer different sounds. With that being said, a general rule for picking a Bluetooth neckband headphones with good sounds quality are as follows:

One - The vocals must be clear through one or both sides, depending on whether the device is surround-sound or not. 

Two - The bass must be clean rather than muddy, and three - music being played at full volume should still sound good. If there is a harsh pitch to the music, the quality is not the best.

It should be noted, however, that we do not typically listen to music at full volume. If you want a decent pair of Bluetooth neckband headphones, passing the first two points should be ample for most buyers.

Latest Bluetooth Technology

If you only want the best of the best, you need to keep an eye out for Bluetooth neckband headphones that have the latest Bluetooth technology.

This is because the latest technology not only had a better signal range, but data transfer is much faster in the newer technology.

Having the latest Bluetooth technology for your headphones also means that they will connect to your MP3, phone, or any other device much faster and keep a strong connection.

Purpose of Use

Some headsets are made to be more durable than others. This is something to consider when looking for the perfect neckband headphones are you wouldn’t want them breaking hours after unboxing them.

If you are a very active person and take part if vigorous exercise, it will be worth looking for strong devices that can withstand the movement. Headphones made with silicons and metal alloys are more likely to resistant to hours of hard work. 

Not only this, but whether the headphones are waterproof or not may play an important role in deciding which device is best for you. If you are expected to sweat a lot during the day, a waterproof headset will be a good option.

Likewise, the weather where you are situated - if you tend to go out jogging, and it’s always raining, waterproof headphones would be well suited for the environment.

Similarly, if you do not lead a heavily exercise-centered life, durability may not be an issue. If you are likely to primarily use the headset for home or office use, you can afford to make your choice based on other functions. 

Price Range

Of course, price is a critical thing to consider when looking for your perfect pair of Bluetooth neckband headphones. Prices vary considerably from brand to brand.

However, more often than not, the functionality and abilities that the middle of the range headphones possess are the same as the most expensive brand. If you are willing to try out a little known brand compared to a major competitor, you might be surprised by the results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bluetooth Neckband Headphones Comfortable?

This is subjecting depending on personal preference, but the short answer is yes. So long as you choose a neckband device that is suited to your shape, earpiece size and overall preference, it should be comfortable and wearable for many hours.

Are Bluetooth Neckband Headphones Safe?

Low levels of non-ionizing radiation are emitted from all Bluetooth devices. This, however, has been found to be harmless to humans according to the FDA. Even being exposed to this kind of radiation routinely is considered to be harmless.

Are Bluetooth Neckband Headphones Expensive?

This depends on many things. Some Bluetooth neckband headphones can be very expensive, while others can be affordable. This typically depends on the brand you are buying from, as well as the technologies inside the device itself.

As a general rule, Bluetooth neckband headphones that have active noise-cancelation will be more expensive than those with passive noise-cancelation.

Are Bluetooth Neckband Headphones Good For Running?

Both in terms of battery life and general functioning, Bluetooth neckband headphones are great for running, or exercise of any kind. There are no wires to get in the way, and they are hands-free.

Many of these neckband headphones are durable, waterproof, and will not get in the way of activities.

Are Bluetooth Neckband Headphones Better Than Regular Headphones?

While wired headphones tend to have better sound quality than Bluetooth headphones due to the technology, neckband headphones are very useful. They are not better or worse than regular headphones as they are generally used in a different environment such as jogging.

Bluetooth neckband headphones are better than regular headphones in terms of use while being active and, in many cases, durability. 

How Does Active Noise-Cancelation Work?

Noise-cancelation can be found in many Bluetooth neckband headphones. The noise-cancelation works by generating an inverse frequency to the frequency in the environment.

This means that the frequency that is generated is equal to and opposite the noise from around you. As a result, it doesn’t matter how loud the sound is in the environment because the frequency will measure it and cancel it out.

Is Noise-Canceling Good For Your Ears?

Noise-canceling can actually be good for you, so yes. Headphones with noise-canceling features are safe to use and were originally designed for the use of pilots.

The idea was to protect the pilots’ hearing by canceling out loud sounds such as the plane engine. Not to mention, using noise-canceling headphones can help reduce stress that is noise-related.

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